Wells Fargo: Scammers are targeting bank customers

Officials warn against releasing personal information

Wells Fargo officials warn that scam artists are targeting the bank's customers in the Portland area.

"We have been informed by a number of our customers in the last two days that they have received automated calls asking them for personal identification information. These calls are fraudulent and customers should ignore them," said in an Aug. 27 press release.

According to the release, these "phishing" phone calls are random. The scammers typically pick a bank, such as Wells Fargo, that has a large customer base to increase their chances of actually reaching a customer of that company.

If a bank customer is suspicious about a request for their personal information that they receive through an email, text message, website, by mail or phone, they should verify the request, Unger advised.

"They should use a legitimate source to confirm the request by calling the number listed on their bank's website, billing statement or on the back of their debit or credit card," he said.

Consumers should never share their mother's maiden name, Social Security Number, bank account numbers, account user names or passwords with anyone, Unger said.

More information about how to protect your identity is posted at www.wellsfargo.com .