International network of UFO investigators, including John Fegel, has landed in the area

In the millions or billions of galaxies out there in space, could we really be the only intelligent life form that exists?

For retired Sandy resident John Fegel, it's a question that has inspired him to join the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and bring his investigative services to Oregon.

Fegel was never really into UFOs and aliens growing up until a friend urged him to look into happenings in Roswell, N.M., that had occurred in the summer of 1947. To explain their activities, the U.S. military had said it was recovering debris from an experimental, high-altitude weather balloon. However, conspiracy theorists in the area thought there was more to the 'crash.'

For Fegel, the event was especially interesting because, during his stint in the military, he'd spent his time launching and retrieving balloons in the Roswell area.

'They had hoist trucks, flatbeds and a couple hundred people to recover that balloon in 1947,' Fegel says, 'but we were doing the same thing with a crew of eight people and two pickup trucks while flying the biggest balloons around.'

His interest sparked, Fegel joined up with MUFON, an international agency that investigates people's claims of having seen unidentified flying objects. All of the investigators are volunteers who receive claims to investigate from people calling or emailing MUFON directly.

'We simply try to identify what people saw, and sometimes we're successful and sometimes we're not,' Fegel said, 'but a lot of times, if people see something pass over, we can identify it as a military aircraft, a stealth plane or a weather balloon.'

Fegel claims to have seen three UFOs since his research into Roswell.

'I have seen things that I can't explain, and they were flying, so by definition they were unidentifiable flying objects. Was it extra terrestrial? I don't know,' he said.

The first and third of the three sightings involved an odd light that he described as looking like an aircraft that lit up to half the size of the moon and took a 90-degree turn straight across the desert. Investigators would refer to this type of object as an 'anomalous light' because the source of the light couldn't be identified.

The second sighting involved a triangle-shaped black aircraft that he watched for approximately five minutes as it went across the sky before it headed over the hills and out of sight.

When asked how certain he is that there is at least one other intelligent life form out there, Fegel tries to approach the topic rationally.

'I'm not going to stand up and say there is life on other planets, but it just doesn't seem logical to me that there isn't,' he said.

Fegel is a non-denominational Christian who says his work with MUFON doesn't interfere at all with what he believes.

'People have mentioned that if there were such beings, it would be in the Bible,' he said. 'But it also doesn't say anywhere that (God) didn't create other life forms.'

Since moving from New Mexico back to Oregon recently, Fegel has received two separate reports from people in the area regarding what might be UFOs. If you see something you would like to report, he says, contact MUFON at and they will put you in touch with a local investigator.

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