Tyler Kammeyers steer was purchased and donated to booster club auction

After Tyler Kammeyer and his sisters wrapped up a successful stint at the Clackamas County Fair as part of the 4-H program, little did he know that there was one last pleasant surprise in store.

At the end of the competition, each participant is allowed to put one of their animals up for auction, with all of the money raised going directly back to them.

For Kammeyer, that animal was a steer that he had competed with throughout the fair, one that he had spent the previous few months raising.

The catch, however, was that a few local Estacada family friends turned out to be the buyers, and they weren’t keeping it for themselves.

The buyers were Mark Greene, the Bresko family and Pacific Forest Contractors, who bought the steer to sell at the this year’s booster club auction.

“All three of the people are great friends,” Kammeyer said. “In the auction ring, I was trying to see who was buying it and then I saw Mark Greene looking at me and smiling and then I realized that he had the winning bid.”

The bid was $1.90 per pound for the steer, which was estimated to be about 1,200-1,300 pounds.

For Kammeyer, all of that money is headed directly for his college savings account.

“I’m positive I’m going to college,” he said. Kammeyer is 13 years old and entering the eighth grade.

For Greene, the Breskos and the folks at Pacific Forest Contractors, however, the motives were not to keep the meat for themselves.

“We were at the auction looking at the 4H animals,” Greene said. “Tyler’s came up and it looked good, I know the Kammeyers have contributed so much and so we bought it and said, let’s just give it to the athletic auction.”

By the time of the auction, which will be Oct. 20, the animal will have been killed, cut, seasoned and packaged.

“It was a fair price, and the cool thing about this is that when these kids raise a cow, you can’t get better beef,” he said. “It’s amazing because they pamper these things and the Kammeyers are experts at it since they’ve all been learning since they were little.

“When they raise a cow, it’s unbelievable beef.”

Greene said that at least half of the cow will be available for purchase at the auction, which will come out to be about 400 pounds cut and wrapped. He’s hoping to get about $3 per pound to support the booster club.

Last year this auction was designed to support a few high school coaching positions that had been removed from the budget as a result of cuts.

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