by: DAVID F. ASHTON - Workers on the old bridge, and on a high lift, inspect the area where horizontal steel beams will be installed to span the detour bridge piers and the piers of the old bridge. The beams will support the old bridge when it is slid 40 feet north to form a detour bridge, during construction of the new bridge.With no further debates about cost cuts, and without scheduled committee meetings, work on the Sellwood Bridge rebuilding project was entirely at the site itself, in August.

Having completed its barge ride up the Willamette River from Vancouver on August 3, the last of the huge A-frame towers was hoisted into place, and welded to the “detour bridge” river piers. Workers looked miniscule, compared to the massive size of these support structures.

Because of their oxide-brown color, it may be difficult to see that all three A-frame structures are now standing tall, just north of the existing bridge.

The next step will be putting in place the horizontal steel beams, spanning the detour bridge piers and the piers of the old bridge, over which the bridge deck will be carefully slid later this year or early in 2013, reported the Multnomah County alternate spokesperson, KC Cooper.

On the west side, contractors continue to excavate and install rebar for shear piles that are part of the needed landslide stabilization.

And, on the east side, other contractors are preparing to install a new entrance for the Sellwood Harbor condominium property. Workers are also removing the last wall of Unit D at the north end of the property, and rebuilding the wall of the new end unit.

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