by: RITA A. LEONARD - The former Advantis Credit Union building, across the street from PGE headquarters on S.E. 17th north of Holgate, was demolished and the debris removed at the end of July. At an August meeting of the Brooklyn Action Corps, Jennifer Koozer, TriMet’s Community Affairs Representative and a Sellwood resident, updated the community on progress in making way for the light rail construction south of Powell Boulevard.

She addressed issues regarding traffic, TriMet employee parking, tree and structure removal, and upcoming sewer work at S.E. 17th at Holgate Boulevard.

“We're doing lots of tweaks to discourage cut-through traffic in the neighborhood,” she said, ovserving that S.E. Center Street had become a temporary bus route from S.E. 17th to Milwaukie Avenue.

“We’re relocating employee parking behind the PGE building and elsewhere, to minimize traffic concerns. The triangle of land at the corner of S.E. 16th and Powell will become part of our equipment staging yard.”

Koozer reported that demolition had been completed at the former Advantis Credit Union building, and added, “A large cedar tree in front of TriMet’s Administration building needs to be removed, due to disease and falling branches.” She passed around photos from the July 21-22 demolition project at the S.E. Powell Street overpass (reported, with photos, in the August BEE), commenting that the huge pile of rebar from the project shown in a BEE photo will be recycled.

She also predicted more traffic tie-ups at S.E. 17th & Holgate Boulevard. “There needs to be more work done on a second sewer connection at the site, which is located further into the intersection than we initially thought. Consequently, traffic there will temporarily narrow down to one lane in each of 4 directions,” she cautioned.

TriMet offers current updates on construction work for the Portland-Milwaukie light rail MAX line online at: HYPERLINK ""

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