A BEE reader contributed this front-page photo of the SERT activity leading to the arrest of Ralph Turner on March 6, 2011, for firing shots and wounding two officers near Brooklyn Park.Brooklyn resident Ralph Clyde Turner was arrested at his house on S.E. 10th Avenue, near Brooklyn Park, after a shooting spree that shut down the neighborhood and wounded two police officers, on the morning of March 6, 2011.

Portland police officer Parik Singh was seriously wounded by one of Turner’s shots, and required the better part of a year to recover and return to duty.

Turner was previously found guilty in April of the shooting spree, and on August 1 the 62-year-old was sentenced by Judge John Wittmayer sentenced him to 35 years imprisonment, with credit for 1-1/2 years already served since his arrest last year.

Turner has said he was seeking to be shot and killed by the police in a “suicide by cop” when he fired upon the officers who had been called to the house by Turner’s girlfriend, who said she was concerned about him.

In passing sentence, the judge called his behavior in the incident “outrageous”.

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