by: DAVID F. ASHTON - FRC Team 1432 members Hadrian Carlsen, Chase Forman, Thomas Hubel, and Duncan Moats here are about to receive awards for their steadfast support and involvement. Each has more than 400 hours of team involvement. As their ninth “season” came to an end on August 4, members and mentors of First Robotic Competition (FRC) Team 1432, a/k/a Mahr’s Metal Beavers, which a year ago Franklin High School declined to continue authorizing, joined together to celebrate this year’s successes.

“It's been a very busy year,” said Rebecca LohKamp, a team mentor.

“We mentored a club from Umatilla, and hosted them for the January kickoff. We went to Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum and competed in March [as seen in THE BEE], exhibited at the Multnomah and Marion County Fairs, and more,” recalled LohKamp.

Because of their website, she added, “A robotics team from Italy said they didn’t know about FRC until they found us online, and asked how to join the program.”

As the twelve-member team sat down for their banquet at their new home at the Knights of Pythias Hall in Southeast Portland, LohKamp remarked that the team – still having Franklin High members – was especially grateful for the support of their new fiscal sponsor and grantor, the Southeast Portland Rotary Club.

“We can use all the help anybody who wants to give us – their time, their skill, or their financial support. Even gifts of food; we provide good dinners for our club members.”

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