At a time when many folks are simply too busy to help others, we found Jeremy Lee holding up a thick cable that had dropped halfway down into traffic in the 4500 block of S.E. 46th Avenue in the Woodstock neighborhood, on the afternoon of August 1.

Lee said he was doing some remodeling work on a home in the area when he saw cars swerving around the cable. While THE BEE assisted him by summoning help, Lee kept lifting the low cable over cars and trucks – he even managed to pop it over passing TriMet buses.

“If a big truck catches it, it will rip it out, and maybe hurt someone,” Lee said.

by: DAVID F. ASHTON - Jeremy Lee holds up a drooping cable, hanging over busy S.E 46th Avenue, waiting for help to come; it arrived a short time later, in the form of Woodstock Fire Engine 25. By the time the crew of Woodstock’s Fire Engine 25 came to the scene, another neighbor – obscured by the branches of a tree – had scrambled onto the roof of the home where the cable came loose, and pulled it up out of the way. This second “hero” simply walked away without giving his name.

Lee’s action prevented car accidents, and perhaps a costly repair for a homeowner or the cable company on that afternoon.

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