Casino developers can keep Grange name temporarily


Disclaimer will be placed on ballot measures

Developers of a private casino and entertainment complex in Wood Village can keep calling their project The Grange until after the November election, following an agreement with a national organization that threatened legal action.

Officials with the Oregon State Grange and National Grange earlier this week said they planned to take legal action against the developers. They said the name of the proposed casino infringes on their trademarked name and does damage to their reputation as a nonprofit agricultural and rural community service organization.

The casino project depends on the passage of Measures 82 and 83, which have qualified to appear on the November statewide ballot.

In return for being able to temporarily use the name, casino developers have agreed to include the following disclaimer with the November ballot measures: "Grange is a registered trademark owned by the National Grange. Past use of the term 'The Grange' was undertaken without the authorization or endorsement by or affiliation with The National Grange. The current use does not imply endorsement of Measures 82 and 83 by the National Grange."

“We recognize that in naming our destination that we should have consulted in advance with National Grange representatives, requesting permission to use the name — we did not. For this, we apologize to Grange members in Oregon and across America,” said Jeff Parr, director of PDX Entertainment, the company proposing the development, in a statement.

“Going forward, we are committed to ensuring that the public understands that Grange is a registered trademark of The National Grange and is not endorsed or affiliated in any way with our campaign,” he said.

National Grange President Ed Luttrell said in a statement that the organization’s trademark name and logo are vigorously protected from unauthorized uses that would confuse the public about its mission and values.

Casino developers have already set up a website,, to tout its benefits to the community and the state.

Wood Village voters will also need to approve a measure, separate from the statewide measures, that allows the facility to be built within the city limits.