So much more than a welcome mat

by: vern uyetake Brunstrom’s front porch décor features a simple, black color palate with pops of color she plans to change with the seasons.

Creating a welcome atmosphere before guests even reach the front door, one First Addition home's front porch is turning heads with its simple, sophisticated décor.

Homeowner Lara Brunstrom said she has lived in the Lake Oswego house, located on Third Street, since May.

She said she first noticed the house two years ago while training with friends for the Hood to Coast run.

'I took a picture with my phone, and I fell in love with the house then,' she said. 'The house is simple; black and white, clean, quaint, inviting, perfect.'

Brunstrom has retained much of this simple, original charm in its front porch, as the previous owners' left some of their original furniture behind.

Now, pops of red accent a sleek black outdoor dining set and rocking chairs.

'The porch is a theirs-and-mine combo,' she said.

She said she eats breakfast here every morning and sips on the occasional margarita in the evenings.

'Everyone loves it,' she said. 'Every guest I have had over comments on the porch and how they wish they had one. You just can't be in a bad mood out there.

I think my neighborhood plays a huge role in how much I use the porch. People are friendly, and there's lots of walkers who say hello.'

It's all about taking the time to enjoy the spaces you create, she said.

And, Brunstorm said she's not afraid to change things up.

'My style is eclectic,' she said. 'I appreciate clean lines and the opportunity to use color and I like to change things up often. So when the holidays come, the porch will transform.'

Pillows, planters, colors - all will change with the seasons, she said.

'The base of the white house acts like a blank canvas - I can use any colors to decorate,' she said.

'This is one of those houses that people slow down and look at when they drive by,' she said. 'I think it's just such a welcoming style; everyone can appreciate the comfort its simplicity implies.'