Sherri Campbell may have moved to Portland this past year, but the longtime Ardenwald resident is not about to let the Ardenwald Elementary School Parade march into the sunset.

The event is scheduled this year at 10 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 15.

The parade has been going on for 68 years and Campbell has been involved with it since 1979, when her two sons attended the elementary school.

Why is she still involved with staging the parade? Because it is “tradition,” she said, and because the entire neighborhood gets involved.

School children, alumni and members of the Ardenwald/Johnson Creek Neighborhood Association gather in front of the school and march on 32nd Street to Olson Street, and then to 42nd Street and Roswell, ending up at the park, Campbell said. Residents bring lawn chairs and cheer the marchers, she added.

Providence Milwaukie supports the event, providing little goodies like bicycle lights on occasion, she noted.

Other organizations Campbell is expecting to take part in the parade include the Milwaukie Police Department, the Clackamas County firefighters, the Milwaukie High School marching band and the local Boy Scouts.

For more information, call Campbell, 971-271-7664; or call Ardenwald Elementary School, 503-353-5320. The school is at 8950 S.E. 36th St., Milwaukie.

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