Mayor, something needs to be done about sport courts


Dear Mayor Kovash:

I live at 4040 Imperial Drive in our great city. I just read the article (Tidings, Aug. 30) regarding the planning commission addressing the issue of sport courts in backyards. I hope my information will be helpful and can be passed on to the them in a timely manner.

Approximately three years ago the neighbor directly behind my residence installed a basketball court complete with outdoor lights. Since that time my wife and I have had to suffer through constant unbearable yelling, screaming and ball bouncing. For the first several months numerous basketballs ended up in our yard many destroying delicate plants in our Japanese garden we used to enjoy. After nearly coming to blows, the neighbor then installed cheap unattractive nets above our common fence. The court’s construction violated the CC&Rs of the Barrington Heights association, however, they chose to take no action.

The nets have kept most of the balls out of our yard, however the ball bouncing and noise has continued to affect the quality of our lives. The basketball hoop is approximately 35 feet from the window of our family room and 30 feet from our dining room. Every bounce rattles the glass doors of our cabinets and sounds not unlike the low frequency firing of a mortar round through the house.

It is nearly impossible to have guests to dinner in our dining room even with all the windows closed. The activity occurs at all times of the day and often after 7 p.m. many nights.

I am a retired deputy sheriff and feel the police are tasked with more important duties than monitoring inconsiderate parents and children, thus I have not yet made calls to the police to complain; however some action needs to be taken and that would be my next step.

The ball bouncing is so debilitating that at times we have to leave our house until it stops. We are actually considering moving because of this. This is a travesty as my wife and I are nearing 70 and love our house and the neighborhood and once looked forward to the serenity it afforded.

Any help form the city regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration.


Donald and Mary Stroum reside in West Linn.