Construction projects lag into the school year


Work is still under way at Cedaroak, Bolton and Willamette

by: TIDINGS PHOTO: VERN UYETAKE - JWC Construction is finishing a learning garden at Willamette Primary School. Children were dressed in squeaky-clean tennis shoes and carried brand-new backpacks for the first day of school last week, but some of the summer’s construction projects are still in piles of dust and rubble.

“There are a couple of things just getting finished up in the first week or two of school,” said Remo Douglas, project manager with the West Linn-Wilsonville School District.

Douglas said the summer projects that have not been completed due to unanticipated delays on “site work projects.”

“Anytime you dig in the ground you find things nobody knew was there,” he said.

The projects were funded under the umbrella of the 2008 bond, which funneled $98 million for capital projects to the West Linn-Wilsonville School District upon the approval of voters.

At Cedaroak Park Primary School, RMS Pump worked over the summer to replace the storm drainage system for $168,470. The work included decommissioning existing dry wells and installing a new stormwater collection and conveyance infrastructure to manage stormwater from the building.

This project consists of constructing a surface water detention basin between the playground, tennis courts and ravine, as well as installing a drainage system to drain the surface water during heavy rains from around each of the school buildings.

However, the project wasn’t completed this summer. In the meantime, the district will install temporary fencing around the construction areas to ensure the campus is safe for students. A complete timeline is not yet available, but district employees said completion of this Cedaroak project remains a high priority.

At Bolton Primary School, Columbia Cascade worked to stabilize the creek bank on the Bolton school grounds for $149,750. The contract included landscape restoration and the placement of a trash compactor. The project should be completed sometime this week and will not affect students.

This summer at Willamette Primary School, JWC Construction installed a trash compactor, completed courtyard improvements and installed a water line to the building and a generator for approximately $290,342.

Workers are still finishing a learning garden area and additional sidewalks. Construction areas have been fenced off but should not affect educational spaces. The project is slated to be completed sometime this week.

“The Oregon construction season for doing this type of site work is pretty short and even shorter in that we are aiming to get done when school starts,” Douglas said. “Overall we have been very successful, but there are always little hiccups along the way.”