by: CONTRIBUTED ART - An artist's rendering shows the developers' vision for The Grange, a proposed casino and entertainment complex in Wood Village. Voters will take up the issue on the November ballot.

We need to put money behind casino opposition

If every person who opposes putting a casino in Wood Village would contribute one dollar, there would be enough money to stop the casino from being built.

If you are opposed to this casino being built, instead of complaining, you should do something about it.

Yes, we can vote it down again, but money plays such a significant part in getting something to go away.

So dig out the one dollar bills, talk to your friends, family, neighbors and set up a bank account to oppose the casino ballot measures. People are a real source of power so get busy. You can have my $5 because I am adamant against this project going through.

We don’t need more traffic or more crime than we have already. We do not have a police department in Wood Village, we have to rely on Fairview police. If there is trouble, where do we turn for help?

Mary Knapp


How are jobs, development bad for East County?

I do not understand the opposition to, nor the fear of, the proposed casino-entertainment center-restaurants-hotel being proposed on the old site of the Multnomah Greyhound Park in Wood Village.

With an unemployment rate of 8.5 percent in Oregon, this project will provide 2,000 permanent jobs and 3,000 temporary construction jobs.

The previous purpose of the site was gambling and somehow it was never a blight on the community. My classmates and I learned to drive in the parking lot without worry.

Why should only one group of Oregonians be able to profit and benefit from gambling?

Oregon schools need money; this project will provide it. This will be a taxable business, unlike the tribal casinos. Don’t get me wrong, I support and respect tribal casinos, but I also support and respect businesses that benefit the entire state and this state desperately needs money.

I don’t gamble, but I would appreciate a local venue that offers fine entertainment and dining options.

I fail to see where this is a bad thing.

Gambling is legal for adults in Oregon and it’s a fact that revenue from gambling provides funds not only for schools, but also for parks and fish and wildlife.

I hope the citizens of our wonderful community will listen to the facts and see past the fear-mongering and ignorance and finally vote for Oregon.

Vote for The Grange.

Sue Cowan


Region can’t take added traffic pressure

After reading your article and all the recent articles and editorials, I would like to know why — in all the negative impacts mentioned (insufficient infrastructure, added traffic) — there is no mention of the USS Ranger aircraft carrier that is soon-to-arrive at Chinook Landing.

Both will add additional traffic from visitors.

The impact will be overwhelming of added traffic from Marine Drive (already heavy with semi-trailers), Sandy Boulevard, Halsey Street, Glisan Street and 223rd Avenue (a two-lane from Wood Village to Marine Drive) and Chinook Landing, with the added seasonal traffic to Blue Lake Regional Park.

I am not against adding jobs, but the total negative impact on the adjoining communities and neighborhoods will be too much to bear in terms of added traffic, noise and environmental impact.

The location is totally wrong.

Gary Wiehle


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