Troutdale City Administrator Craig Ward announced Sept. 12 that he is looking into the city’s permitting processes that led to the approval and construction of a controversial structure built on Mayor Jim Kight’s property.

The announcement follows last month’s release of an abridged independent and costly report into Kight’s building, which calls into question the building’s size, safety and intended use, and whether Kight misled or pressured city staff to get it approved. The report does not give details on city code violations or possible enforcement actions.

“These issues are of grave concern to the City Council, the public, and particularly to me, as the chief executive officer of the city,” Ward said in a statement. “It is crucial that the city’s permitting processes be applied fairly and reasonably, but equally, to everyone developing their property.”

Ward said he is conducting independent research to determine if the building is compliant with the city’s building, zoning and floodplain standards, and “to examine and resolve deficiencies in our processes that the investigation has exposed.”

Ward added, “I take this responsibility very seriously and will work tirelessly to resolve these issues in the best interests of the city.”


City Administrator Craig Ward confirmed a report in The Oregonian that he is looking to hire an independent specialist in building codes and enforcement.

“I want somebody who’s a specialist to advise me on specific codes that may have been violated and the appropriate remedies,” Ward said.

Ward said he is interviewing candidates and will hire a person under a short-term contract. He did not know how much it would cost the city.

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