City officials and company react quickly to mitigate damage.

The Department of Environmental Quality is responding to an oil spill at Gresham Dodge on Northeast Burnside Road.

Gresham Police arrested Vladimir Moscaline, 25, on an allegation of first-degree criminal mischief in connection with the spill, which was discovered early Monday, Sept.10.

The DEQ said about 80 gallons of oil spilled into the parking lot. About half of the oil went down the storm drain, but fast acting staff helped prevent much of the oil from contaminating Fairview Creek.

Ken Knudson, service manager at Gresham Dodge, said staff dammed the storm drain and used about 2,000 pounds of cat litter to soak up the oil.

According to reports, a water hose was placed into the top of Gresham Dodge’s oil waste tank — the place oil goes when your oil gets changed. The hose caused the oil tank to overflow. Oil poured out of the vents, Knudson said.

The tank holds 650 gallons of oil but had recently been emptied. “We’re fortunate,” Knudson said. “This could have been much worse.”

City employees also worked to absorb oil off the top of the water in the storm drains.

Currently, the DEQ is leading clean-up efforts along with Gresham Dodge. The first phase of clean up, which included washing out and vacuuming out the storm drain, has been completed.

A contractor will conduct the second stage of clean-up by flushing the drain on Wednesday, Sept.19.

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