Remodelers advise homeowners during Mold Awareness Month

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Look for mold spores at these spots in your home. September is Mold Awareness Month and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) wants homeowners to know how to recognize signs of mold or water damage, and how to catch these issues early on — or prevent them all together.

Mold is everywhere, though the amount and location of the mold is what can be harmful to your home and your health. Mold becomes a problem when moisture is present and the mold begins to grow. The risk increases in places that are more exposed to moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens, attics and basements, and may pose risks to structural elements.

Here are some tips to ensure early detection of moisture issues and preventative measures for mold growth:

Staining — By the time you notice staining, you can be sure that water either has been or is present.

Odor — Many times you don’t need to see the mold to know that it is present because it will have an odor. If you walk into a room or basement and notice an odor, it’s time to investigate.

Blistering — Paint that is peeling or blistering is another sign of water damage. Also bulging dry wall, and screws or joints that are popping out is evidence that the wood is warping from repeated water exposure.

Ventilate — Areas of the home that have accessible water systems or could face water exposure from the outside are extremely susceptible to mold growth and must have proper ventilation.

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