I have watched John Kovash at work for West Linn since his days as chair of the planning commission. This body addresses many tough issues and occasionally some attendees get emotional, even irate. I was at one such meeting where several citizens showed their discontent by yelling and cursing at commissioners. I was impressed with how John cooled down the crowd by calling a recess and then had a quiet conversation with them.

In the ensuing years, John has been a city councilor and now mayor. He continues to handle city business in a thoughtful and methodical manner. His financial background led him to improve fiscal management and budgeting, which has regained my confidence and won the city recognitions. He has wisely forged partnerships with other elected officials; West Linn is too connected to the region to solve transportation, public safety or quality of life challenges in a vacuum.

I am glad John Kovash is seeking another term. West Linn governance stands to gain a lot from his cool head and steady hand! Please join me in reelecting John Kovash.

Sherry Sheng

West Linn

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