Clackamas County Commissioners have constantly been in the news, a conflict of interest complaint against Commissioner Bernard and the fight over bringing light rail into Milwaukie.

Milwaukie citizens turned down light rail four times, but apparently that didn’t send a message to the commissioners.

Now, they paid off TriMet just days before an election that might prevent them from doing so.

The commitments the commissioners have been making appear to be following their own agenda.

Bank of America decided to finance the $20 million for the rail, a 20-year loan that after 15 years carries a $7 million balloon payment.

Current commissions will long be gone by then, so it matters not to them they have stuck the county with mega future debt. The voters elected these officials in hopes that they would protect our county with good judgment. We did not give them a blank check.

Sadly, our current commissioners are drawing the county closer to a critical bottom line. Then they will expect business and taxpayers to bail them out

When we are marking our ballots for the November election, we need to elect new commissioners we can depend on to follow good sense and the wishes of the people, and let go of those who have been loose cannons firing in all directions.

Clarence Wise


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