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Forest Hills staff commended for response

We would like to thank the staff at Forest Hills Elementary School for their caring and decisive action Monday after learning of an armed assailant roaming the neighborhood around the school.

Our daughter was outside of Forest Hills at the time and the staff immediately brought her into the school and notified us of the situation.

We are extremely grateful they took this precaution and feel very fortunate to be part of a school community that looks out for and protects its students in times of crisis.

Jennifer and Todd Prager

Lake Oswego

Quick response by firemen appreciated

Thank you to our local downtown Lake Oswego Fire Department for its quick response to a medical emergency (Sept. 12) in our store.

A customer told me she was going to “pass out.” After initial first aid, I called 9-1-1 and within minutes, I had five firemen/medics with all the necessary equipment attending to the patient. She was stabilized and taken to a local hospital.

The firemen/medics were kind and efficient. I was quite impressed with their teamwork and professionalism. Thank you to that great team, we are blessed to be so well watched over.

Laura Adler

Co-owner, Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut

Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego Corporation deserves thanks

The Lake Oswego Preservation Society would like to thank the Lake Oswego Corporation for its sponsorship of the first annual “Classic Houses and History Boat Tour on Oswego Lake,” which was held Saturday, Sept.8.

The LOC coordinated the boats and staff assisted on the day of theevent. A special thanks to Lake Manager Jeff Ward and to Linda Kerl.Thanks also goes to our volunteer boat owners and volunteer guides.

A sellout crowd enjoyed the two-hour tour of the lake, learning about the work of prominent architects, the original owners of the classic houses and the history of the lake along the way. If you’d like your name added to the waiting list for next year’s tour on the Saturday after Labor Day, please visit

Marylou Colver

President, Lake Oswego Preservation Society

Lake Oswego

Keep L.O. Great releases endorsements

Lake Oswego’s Keep L.O. Great PAC has interviewed the candidates and makes the following endorsements for mayor and city council.

Greg Macpherson for mayor: Greg Macpherson brings three terms of legislative experience to the city and a track record of reconciling opposing groups on contentious issues. He will be a mayor that will encourage better communication, public participation and consensus building on the city council.

For city council

Bill Tierney: Bill Tierney provides valuable knowledge, continuity, and experience regarding very complicated projects facing the city, including the Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Project. Bill is fiscally prudent but still is able to move the city forward.

Jon Gustafson: Jon Gustafson has served as chair of the planning commission and has demonstrated the ability to handle difficult situations. He is an architect and remodeler who cares about neighborhood concerns.

Skip O’Neill: Skip O’Neill has a background as a homebuilder and past president of the Lake Corporation. He has a background in defusing conflict among different stakeholders. He will respect citizens’ views and will bring a practical voice to the city council.

Keep L.O. Great is a nonpartisan political action committee that promotes the Lake Oswego community and endorses candidates that shares its values.

For more information on Keep L.O. Great, see

Robert LeChevallier

Chair, Keep L.O. Great PAC

Lake Oswego

Kent Studebaker is focused on Lake Oswego

I just read in The Oregonian that one of Lake Oswego’s mayoral candidates, Greg Macpherson, is getting most of his money from Democratic politicians and that his biggest donations are coming from supporters outside of Lake Oswego. This concerns me. First, why are those Democratic politicians playing so heavily in a non-partisan race in our town? Second, what decisions affecting Lake Oswego are those big contributors, from outside our city, hoping to influence?

The next mayor of Lake Oswego should be prepared to put our interests first. The next mayor of Lake Oswego should commit to standing up to Metro when needed. Our next mayor must not be sucked into Portland’s/Metro’s regional agenda that would forever alter the character of our city.

Two candidates for mayor — one a career politician touting Democratic party credentials and deep ties to Metro and the state and the other Kent Studebaker, locally focused, Citizen’s Budget Committee chair, balanced and committed to working with all citizens of Lake Oswego regardless of party affiliation.

I’m voting for Kent Studebaker because he will work for Lake Oswego, not for outside interests.

Mike Hughes

Lake Oswego

(Editor’s note: Greg Macpherson responds: “The website of the Oregon Elections Division provides a very transparent system for disclosure of campaign contributions (go to “ORESTAR”). I urge anyone interested in the sources of support for my campaign to visit the website.  What they will see is that I have hundreds of donors, including many Republicans as well as Democrats. Most of the donors reside in Lake Oswego. They have supported my campaign because they respect the work I have done for Lake Oswego and the state as a whole during my service in the Legislature. The suggestion that a candidate for Lake Oswego mayor, an unpaid volunteer office, is a “career politician” is obviously ridiculous.”)

Library bond measure deserves support

I am a typical teenage girl with many different interests.

I spend most of my time either doing homework, hanging out with my friends or involved on social networking sites.

I also love books. I am a complete bookworm and read constantly. My main source for all things book-related is the Lake Oswego Public Library. I have regularly maxed out my library card since we moved to Lake Oswego in 2005.

I have attended book groups, story times and even computer gaming competitions at the library. The library does an amazing job with little space.

Unfortunately, now that I am a teen, I find our small library lacking. The teen area is tiny, has little space for reading and inadequate room for new books. I find that every time I scan the shelves, I’ve read most of the books already.

If we moved the Lake Oswego Library to a bigger space, think of what our young adult area could be? We could have many more books available to us, a homework/socialization corner and maybe even an area with computers for homework.

If you vote yes on Bond Measure 3-405 for a new Lake Oswego Public Library, you could give all Lake Oswego teens a chance to enjoy our library again.Thank you.

Sara Ivey Shatsky

Eighth grader at Lakeridge Junior High

Lake Oswego

Burl Ross comments appreciated

Rave on, John Donne, rave on thy Holy fool

Down through the weeks of ages...

Rave on down through the corridors

Rave on words on printed page

— Van Morrison

Linore Blackstone


Studebaker: mayor for our time

I’m struck by how well informed and engaged are the people of Lake Oswego. This upcoming election for mayor is producing lively discussion.

President Charles de Gaulle famously said that politics is too serious a matter to be left to politicians. I’m therefore delighted to hear so many of our citizens voicing their opinions. For what it is worth, here’s my opinion on who our next mayor should be.

He should be a leader who understands the current tough economic realities. He should have a long-term plan to move this city forward, a plan that its citizens and its businesses can afford. He should put Lake Oswego’s priorities first, not cave into Portland’s leaders and their regional agendas.

In my mind, Kent Studebaker, meets the criteria for our next mayor. Lake Oswego is his passion, being its mayor is not a steppingstone to higher office. Lake Oswego priorities will come first, projects will be assessed as part of an affordable, big picture perspective. Lake Oswego’s character will be front and center and high-density housing will be prevented.

Vote Studebaker: mayor for our time.

Ade Nardi

Retired businessman

Lake Oswego

Action by commissioners criticized

Clackamas County Commissioners have constantly been in the news, a conflict of interest complaint against Commissioner Bernard and the fight over bringing light rail into Milwaukie. Milwaukie citizens turned down light rail four times, but apparently that didn’t send a message to the commissioners.

Now, they paid off TriMet just days before an election that might prevent them from doing so. The commitments the commissioners have been making appear to be following their own agenda.

Bank of America decided to finance the $20 million for the rail, a 20-year loan that after 15 years carries a $7 million balloon payment. Current commissioners will long be gone by then, so it matters not to them they have stuck the county with mega future debt.

The voters elected these officials in hopes that they would protect our county with good judgment. We did not give them a blank check. Sadly, our current commissioners are drawing the county closer to a critical bottom line. Then they will expect business and taxpayers to bail them out.When we are marking our ballots for the November election, we need to elect new commissioners we can depend on to follow good sense and the wishes of the people, and let go of those who have been loose cannons firing in all directions.

Clarence Wise