Just the facts please in opinion pieces


I would ask the Lake Review editors to consider carefully what is worthy of a “citizen’s view” column.

I was disappointed in the submission to last week’s paper by Burl Ross. I will concede that the column was engaging, even humorous, but when you wade through the dense rhetoric, the only message was to be derogatory, even insulting to those with views to which he is opposed. I have found his nemeses, Dave Luck, Dave Berg, George Edens, to have arguments which are well reinforced and their tone has been critical, but not personal. Mr. Ross claims to be on the side of the facts, but offers none, only personal jabs, labeling or implying his opponents to be lame, nonsensical, hypocritical, illogical, comedy-challenged, buffoons, liars, airheads, poorly read and not-so-subtly implying racism and sexism. He offered absolutely no counter-argument to the viewpoints of these gentlemen, implying to me that he has none.

I enjoy Mr. Ross’ writing style, and I appreciate that he is, as he self-ascribes, an intellectual elite as well as funny, but the truth is that his writing is a bit tangential, overbearing, and self-aggrandizing; and more importantly completely without point, except to poke jabs at some honorable citizens with opposing point of view.

By the way, Mr. Ross, Tom Joad in “Grapes of Wrath” sought freedom from enslavement by private enterprise and for a safety net, so he could maintain his strength to work hard and feed his family. Nobody on either side of LO’s political scene is in opposition to that.

It is the tennis courts on the far southern edge of town, the graft-ridden, subsidized government developments, the purchase of prime realty for government and the wild over-spending that is the concern.

Lake Review Review, let’s keep the “citizen’s view” column as a forum for valid discussion of points and counter-points, not for name calling.

Jim Craven is a resident of Lake Oswego.