Heaven in a biscuit


Gourmet Productions gets flaky with new breakfast menu

by: TIDINGS, REVIEW PHOTO: CLIFF NEWELL - Vicky Davis is standing tall when she shows people the new breakfast menu at Gourmet Productions in downtown Lake Oswego.Gourmet Productions is taking on breakfast. The Lake Oswego lunch and catering company has served patrons tasty wares for 16 years. Thanks to baker Mandy McLeod, the classy little cafe on B Avenue is now opening its doors at 7 a.m. and offering an early morning menu.

The menu includes scones, pumpkin bread, seasonal coffee cake, hot Stumptown coffee, orange juice and best of all — biscuits. McLeod has used her overwhelming energy, sensitivity and talent as a chef to come up with these creations that are worthy of worship by true biscuit lovers. Eat them plain or with eggs, bacon, cheese and/or strawberry jam. Either way, the verdict is yummy.

“Mandy has been on a perfect biscuit crusade,” said Vicky Davis, owner of Gourmet Productions. “She made four test biscuits and everyone in the place took the taste test. The winner was biscuit No. 4.”

Writers of biscuit history should take note of that. No. 4 has a flaky texture, buttery flavor, crumbles perfectly and rises as high as a good biscuit should rise. You won’t find any flat, hard, bland biscuits at Gourmet Productions. McLeod seems to have just the right touch.

“Mandy must be a little obsessed,” noted Davis.

McLeod admits it.

“There are books on baking everywhere at my house,” McLeod said. Her house is conveniently located right next to the Lake Oswego Public Library. “I want everyone to know that things will be changing all of the time.”

by: TIDINGS, REVIEW PHOTO: CLIFF NEWELL - Mandy McLeod has gone all out to create the most delicious biscuit possible at Gourmet Productions. There is much more, too, on the new breakfast menu.Gourmet Production’s breakfast brainstorm came from new manager Steve Vierk, who brought vast experience in the restaurant business — including years spent working in New York City, the capital of eating in America. Vierk’s move to Lake Oswego was serendipitous.

“I saw an ad,” Vierk said. “They (Gourmet Productions) needed help, and I needed a job.”

Gourmet Productions’ big push toward a breakfast menu was well calculated.

“Officially, we open at 10:30 a.m.,” Vierk said. “But we have an open door policy and people were always wandering in to buy stuff. We had a hard time doing our jobs.”

The solution was hiring another employee — thus opening the way for serving breakfast. McLeod is already coming up with new creations for the menu, like the rustic spinach tomato tart. McLeod is a tomato lover. It’s even rumored that she is planning on creating a daring creation of tomatoes and biscuits.

Could a biscuit lover ask for more? Yes! In a few weeks Gourmet Productions will offer biscuits and gravy, as created by James Joyce (the chef, not the author, and Davis’ husband). Truly, biscuit heaven has come to Lake Oswego.

Gourmet Productions is located at 39 B Ave. in Lake Oswego. For more information, call 503-697-7355 or visit gopro-lo.com.