Regarding the plight of the retired deputy sheriff Donald and Mrs. Stroum.

Unfortunately, noise nuisance perpetrators are becoming more common and more aggressive with their noise. I speak from experience. I moved to West Linn to escape noise nuisance, silent neighbors and an indifferent city. The Stroums have my empathy.

The only thing that will force the lawbreaker to take the neighbors seriously is pressure from all of the neighbors who are affected and who are sympathetic to the retired deputy. If I were the retired deputy I would contact some old friends and ask how to bring the neighborhood together to stop the nuisance. Or ask an attorney how to sue the perpetrator and the city of West Linn. Until then, Clackamas County just might as well forget receiving property taxes from the Stroums, for they will move if their experience is anything like mine was.

Alan Smith

West Linn

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