County's Women's Empowerment Project is a great resource


I wanted to write this letter a number of months ago. October is Child Abuse Prevention month, so I thought now would be a good time to write.

I don’t know if many people are aware of Women’s Empowerment Project in Clackamas County. It’s an extremely important resource that explores domestic violence issues.

I took this 14-week class earlier in the year, and it was excellent. We were all in different phases of the process. Some women were still in relationships but were contemplating their futures, some were newly out of an abusive relationship and others had been out for a couple of years. You didn’t feel judged and you were surrounded by women who understood your situation. A number of women said they hadn’t realized the extent of their abuse until this class. The instructors were excellent.

The class covers in detail the many facets of domestic violence. It covered physical, psychological/mental, sexual, economic and legal abuse. We were taught the cycle of violence, coping mechanisms, red flags, blame reversal, safety planning and also what a healthy relationship looks like. We were also shown the many effects domestic violence has on children.

If anyone is looking for an excellent book on the subject, I would look at any one of Lundy Bancroft’s books. This class used some of his information as a reference.

The class is free and once a week. You can call Patricia Barrera for more information at 503-655-8776.

Donja Bunnell