Unions throw support behind PPS' $482 million bond measure


With six weeks to go until the Nov. 6 election, endorsements are rolling in for the $482 million Portland Public Schools construction bond measure.

On Wednesday morning, a coalition of union workers including the Portland Association of Teachers, Portland Fire Fighters Association Local 43, Portland Police Association, and AFSCME (city and county workers) officially lent their support.

“While we move forward with the necessary fixes to our aging buildings, we look forward to working with parents and the community to fight for smaller class sizes and quality programs within those buildings,” teachers union President Gwen Sullivan said. “Our students need both to succeed.”

The teachers union has also endorsed the “Portland’s Schools & Arts Together” measure, which provides long-term funding to arts and music teachers in elementary schools across the city’s six school districts. The arts tax is a flat tax of $35 per person.