LO high school seniors outdo others on SAT test


Lake Oswego seniors significantly outperformed other seniors in Oregon and the United States on the SAT test last year.

The SAT is an aptitude test of reasoning and logic reading, writing and math taken by a high percentage of graduating seniors.

In 2012, the SAT composite — the combined total critical reading, mathematics and writing scores — of graduating seniors in the Lake Oswego School District was 1,728, 186 points higher than the Oregon composite score of 1,542 and 233 points higher than the United States composite of 1,498.

2012 brought an uptick in performance on every subject for LOSD seniors: one point in critical reading (from 575 in 2011 to 576 in 2012), five points in mathematics (from 579 in 2011 to 584 in 2012) and two points in writing (from 566 in 2011 to 568 in 2012).

The average critical reading score for Lake Oswego High School in 2012 was 587, up 16 points from 2011. The average critical reading score for Lakeridge was 569, down six points from 2011.

“Classes may vary from year to year,” said Donna Atherton, LOSD executive director of secondary programs. “In no way should we look at that and have that diminish what our students are doing over the course of time.”

In mathematics, by contrast, Lakeridge experienced a five-point uptick in its average score, from 568 in 2011 to 573 in 2012. Lake Oswego’s average score was 594, up four points from 590 in 2011.

The writing test yielded an average score of 574 by Lake Oswego, up seven points from 563 in 2011, and 561 for Lakeridge, down seven points from 568.

“These are strong SAT scores no matter which way you look at it,” Atherton said. “Thank the resilience and the education of your students.”