A few thoughts on golf, probably my favorite sport:

• I've never warmed to the convoluted FedEx Cup. And I don't like the multiple-week grind of the PGA Tour's manufactured "postseason."

I remember that the PGA Tour was wrestling back even in the 1960s with how to sustain public interest in its events late in the calendar year.

But what is this FedEx Cup, a NASCAR race with yellow flags? You play a few grueling 72-hole tournaments and then out comes the caution and everyone has to line up single file for the restart?

The PGA Tour had something even goofier a few years ago with the Stableford scoring system at The International event in Colorado.

All credit to FedEx Cup champion Brandt Snedeker, who had a very good year. But Rory McIlroy had the better playoffs and in my mind is champion of the playoffs.

Not sure what the current format makes the FedEx Cup champion, other than $10 million richer and, I guess, sort of like the winner of the Players Championship or some other non-major.

I'm sure the sponsor money the PGA Tour gets from the FedEx Cup is worth it to everyone involved, I just can't get overly excited about it.

If the PGA Tour wants everything to come down to one day, it could just have a Skins Game.

Or some sort of super elimination on Sunday.

Expand the field from 30 to 32 golfers in the standings after 54 holes and have them play, say, four- or five-hole medal-play matches -- a first round, quarterfinals, semifinals and finals -- all on Sunday. The No. 1 seed plays No. 32, etc. Ties after the four or five holes go to the higher seeds, except maybe in the semifinals and finals, when they keep playing until someone wins.

Also -- and golf's governing bodies will faint at this idea -- but change the honor system for this final day.

Whoever wins the previous hole and has the honor doesn't have to tee off first on the next hole -- he can choose to go first or second. He can decide if he wants to try to put pressure on his opponent by going first and hitting a good shots -- or put the pressure on his opponent by making him go first. Lots of strategy and gamesmanship possibilities here.

If you want goofy, we can do goofy.

• What if they played a Ryder Cup and nobody came?

What I mean is, while I love the idea of a Ryder Cup (the alternate-shot and best-ball rounds especially) and have watched nearly all of them over the past 20-plus years, I am way tired of the life-death nature of the hysterical hype that goes along with this event now. And I've become turned off by the rowdiness of the galleries.

I wish the Ryder Cup golfers could just play, with TV cameras and, at the most, a small group of spectators. Something that would look like the old "Shell's Wonderful World of Golf."

In other words, just let these great players play and then have some beers together in the clubhouse afterward, win or lose.

We are not "at war" with Europe!

• And while l'm at it on the subject of pro golf ...

I hate the necessary evil of those enormous grandstands around the greens. You know, the ones that look like big tops, and that are convenient backstops/outfielders to catch errant shots, and that lead to boring free drops for "relief."

I wish we could see world's best players actually have to play recovery shots from the odd places in which their golf balls would wind up if they don't hit the guy in the sponsor's grandstand eating prime rib and cheesecake.

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