Southwind Ian was a favorite of children

by: PORTLAND POLICE BUREAU - Southwind Ian was noted for his gentle disposition.A Portland Police Mounted Patrol horse unexpectedly died over the weekend.

Southwest Ian was being treated for an undisclosed illness at Oregon State University's Lois Bates Acheson Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Corvallis. Police spokesman Lt. Robert King described the death as "sudden and unexpected."

A large Belgium Draft, Ian was the City's oldest horse at 19 years old and served the city since 2005. According to the police, he was a favorite of children visiting the stables as he was easily recognizable with his docked tail.

Ian's gentle disposition made him the perfect horse to train new officers assigned to the Mounted Patrol Unit, police say. He trained numerous officers during his seven years of service and most recently graduated a new rider just two weeks ago.

In announcing the death, the Portland Police Bureau extended its gratitude to the veterinarians and staff at OSU for their professionalism and compassion during a very challenging and emotional situation.

The current Mounted Patrol Unit was established in 1979 and consists of six officers, one sergeant and eight horses.

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