Blast Burger came through in a big way

So often we only see bad things in the newspaper.

As a member of the Lake Oswego Lions, I would like the community to recognize a local business that really stepped up to help us out on Sunday, Sept. 23, during the Buddy Walk.

The Lions were scheduled to serve burgers and hot dogs. However, our grills wouldn’t work. When I took a chance and asked, the owner of the Blast Burger generously donated his staff and grills at both kitchens (at his restaurant upstairs, also) in order to cook the Lion burgers. This made it possible for the Buddy Walk participants to receive hamburgers and for the Lions to serve them. Let’s all give a big hand to such a generous business owner, and remember to stop by and say a personal thank you. They have fantastic burgers.

Gretchen Olson

Lake Oswego Lions

LO will be a priority for Studebaker

The more I hear about Greg Macpherson’s campaign (not to mention his policies), the more concerned I become for Lake Oswego.Macpherson has not been involved locally, but instead touts his years in the Legislature as relevant experience. He ran for attorney general and now has an appointment from the governor to the state Land Conservation and Development Commission. I’d call that a career politician, not someone who will look out for our best interests. Why is Macpherson pouring so much money into a small town mayor race? He has raised a shocking $41,000 in campaign contributions. $14,000 is contributions under $100, so the sources aren’t public. But of the $27,000 we can see, almost half is from sources outside Lake Oswego. And half of that is from attorneys living and working in Portland. A quarter of his contributors are downtown Portland lawyers. He also has donations from several Democrat politicians and PACs. He even got $500 from PGE’s Employee Candidate Assistance Fund.Is Macpherson running for mayor to further his political ambitions?  Will he be beholding to outside political, Portland and state interests? Will Lake Oswego be a priority for him? I know it will be for our local mayor candidate, budget chair Kent Studebaker.

Jonathan Harnish

Lake Oswego

Tierney deserves another term on council

In 2008 when he first ran for city council, I talked at length with Bill Tierney and each of the other candidates and decided he was one of the candidates I would support and vote for.

Since being elected, Bill and I have disagreed as many times as we have agreed, but I have always been impressed with his thorough preparation on every issue before city council, with his willingness to listen intently and with an open mind to every view presented, and with his ability to articulate complex issues, summarized the positions, and then clearly state his reasoning in deciding his position.

I ask you to vote for Bill Tierney for city council. He has demonstrated qualities of a thoughtful, dedicated, and effective city councilor and deserves re-election.

Gordon Umaki

Lake Oswego

What were they thinking?

Now, let me get this right. Our city council voted to purchase a piece of property at $1.3 million, to then resell (it) after taking out a right of way (public easement) along the Willamette River.

If they sell it for full value (doubtful), then selling costs will be maybe $60,000. However, if taking out the (public easement) diminishes the property’s value, then it may cost us $200,000, or more? And, as this is only one of three (or four?) parcels needed for the (pathway), total cost will eventually be many times more.

What were they thinking? Is a “legacy” a brass plaque with their names on it that important? I do not think so.

Syd Dorn

Lake Oswego

Support Tierney for council post

Vote for Bill Tierney in the Lake Oswego City Council race. Bill is thoughtful, hard-working, practical and supports common sense solutions.

In his term as city councilor, Bill has shown a remarkable ability to bring all sides together to support resolutions to some of the most significant issues confronting our city. For example, Bill

  • Supported helping school district.
  • Support tennis center provided pro forma shows we can pay for it with tennis fees.
  • Continue environmental protection on sensitive lands with modifications to reduce some regulations.
  • Supported Oakridge senior housing project
  • .

    Bill is fully engaged in reviewing the city’s budget and finances. I cannot think of anyone better than Bill to act as a steward of our finances, our city’s natural beauty and our enormous potential.

    Please join me in supporting Bill Tierney for city council.

    David White

    Lake Oswego

    Studebaker is the choice for mayor

    We have come to the conclusion that Lake Oswego needs a new direction. Kent Studebaker is just the one to do it. He is not a career politician with baggage, but is honest, fair and deeply committed to our community.

    A fiscal conservative is just the ticket for a city that, for the last 8 years, has had to endure some fiscally questionable decisions. He will set a conservative agenda, with the help of the city council, to bring Lake Oswego back to common sense governing.

    Let’s all get out and vote for Kent Studebaker, he is the person our city needs for mayor.

    Steve and Merlyn Wright

    Lake Oswego

    Tierney should be re-elected

    After attending three council forums and listening to all of the council candidates, I have no doubt Councilor Bill Tierney should be re-elected. He possesses the inherent ability to know and do the right thing for Lake Oswego and has done so the last four years.

    On every tough issue, especially those concerning long range planning and prioritization to move the city forward respecting that there are limits to the capacity of the family checkbook, Bill has taken the lead. He has consistently maintained a respectful atmosphere on the council and explained his positions in detail respecting the citizen’s right to know. He has always worked to ensure Lake Oswego’s long-term success of preserving and enhancing the cherished values of Lake Oswego and making the services we count on work effectively and efficiently.

    Bill carefully explained in several public meetings, to a skeptical audience, the facts concerning the urgent replacement need and added value to Lake Oswego of the completed Lake Oswego Tigard Water Project. The expenditure leverage is significantly greater with the Tigard participation and the project ensures system delivery adequacy for the lifetime of the system. Bill respects and listens and makes the right decisions.

    Please vote for Bill Tierney.

    Rosie Stephens

    Lake Oswego

    Stafford picnic

    Downstream from the shelter

    Are stones that anchor us in place.

    Potluck seems the right metaphor

    For how we came together.

    It’s just that we want to say, Bill,

    We still live beneath shadows

    That lengthen at summer’s end,

    Feel the long pull of the river.

    We want this late gathering

    To be a way you can know us.

    James Fleming

    Lake Oswego

    Mark your ballot for Bill Tierney

    I am supporting Bill Tierney for Lake Oswego City Council.

    Bill is a thoughful, intelligent, prudent voice of reason on the council. He listens carefully to the needs of the community and is not afraid to make tough decisions.

    Please join me in voting for Bill Tierney.

    Jan Coulton

    Lake Oswego

    Police Log fan enjoys the writing

    I don’t know who writes the “news” for the Police Log, but tell them to keep it up. I was sitting outside of Starbucks reading the accidents, thefts and Misc from the Police Log and was laughing like a crazy person. I’m surprised somebody didn’t write me up as “crazed middle-aged woman sitting outside of Starbucks near Monroe and Boones Ferry, appeared to be deranged, laughing to herself.”

    Seriously, this stuff can’t be made up. My favorites: “9/13/12 4:09 p.m., A tan Chihuahua was found sitting in a woman’s mailbox on Glenmorrie Drive.” Oh, the list goes on and on.

    I haven’t laughed this much since I tried on a bathing suit at Macy’s.

    Thanks. Seriously, don’t change a thing. Love it.

    Janis Reid

    Lake Oswego

    (Editor’s note: Reporter Cliff Newell puts together the Police Log for the Review based on information provided each week from the Lake Oswego Police Department.)

    Support this group of candidates

    To this Lake Oswego resident (since 1979), it is apparent from the numbers in attendance and intensity of the testimony by citizens of Lake Oswego at various city council meetings over the past several years, that many residents are troubled by the seemingly outright disregard for their particular interests and concerns by the majority four of the current members of the council.

    Much of this concern centers on the number of huge and controversial monetary commitments made by the council during recent years while steadfastly declining to provide the community the opportunity to vote on such expenditures. The three minority council members who have been sympathetic and responsive to community concerns are repeatedly voted down, and unfortunately one of those stalwarts, Mary Olson, has decided to not run again.

    In the upcoming election, Lake Oswego residents will be able to express the depth of their concern by electing candidates who will truly respect and fully represent the needs, rights, and values of all members of the community.

    Kent Studebaker as mayor and Karen Bowerman, Skip O’Neill, and Dan Williams as council members, would best meet those interests. They can be expected to work together to ensure fiscal responsibility and preserve the community’s special character we greatly cherish.

    George L. Page

    Lake Oswego

    Support Jon Gustafson for city council

    My experiences with Jon Gustafson over several years as he served on the planning commission showed his insights, analysis and responsibility to the citizens of Lake Oswego.

    Jon looks at issues from all sides and gathers input before making a thoughtful decision. Jon is a local businessman involved in schools and our community.

    That’s why I support electing Jon Gustafson for Lake Oswego City Council. Jon is a great guy for a great city.

    Paul J. Lyons

    Lake Oswego

    Studebaker ‘will listen respectfully’

    Mayoral candidate Greg Macpherson says he wants to eliminate “divisiveness” in our community. Yet, at a recent Friends of the Library forum, he fanned the flames of disunity by saying that it is a “small group of negative people who are causing the divisiveness.”

    The current mayor and several council members have labeled those who disagree with them as “negative forces.” Macpherson is following in their footsteps. For example, it is not a “small group of negative people” who opposed the streetcar which Macpherson supported. It is instead a majority of people opposed to misuse of their tax dollars and who feel their voices are not being heard.

    This community is politically very involved. Individuals and both small and large groups have a right to express opinions to elected officials without being accused of “divisiveness.” We need a new city government led by a mayor who will respect our rights to disagree with them. We need a mayor who will hear opposing sides and not think of them as “negative.” We need Kent Studebaker — he will listen respectfully, then make collaborative judgments and then responsibly lead our great city forward.

    Alice Schlenker

    Lake Oswego

    Former mayor of Lake Oswego

    House purchase adds vital path link

    Hurray! The city council has agreed to purchase and then resell a riverfront Lake Oswego home in order to add a crucial link to a bike path along the river.

    Everyone who uses the path at George Rogers Park or at Foothills Park must be delighted with the prospect of linking these two, not to mention the potential of someday being able to bike or walk along the river all the way to Portland.

    Thank you Jeff Gudman for joining in the 5-2 majority in supporting this, what seems to me, obvious, decision. That begs the question: Why did Mike Kehoe and Mary Olson vote against it? Are they so fiscally conservative that they fear the enormity of a $1.23 million expenditure by the city, even though it would be re-sold? Are they opposed to the concept of the city investing in bike paths, parks and recreational facilities? Or could it be that they are influenced by the wealthy Dunthorpe homeowners along the Willamette who were so opposed to a streetcar to Portland, and who, I assume, are equally opposed to the idea of bikers and walkers passing by their estates?

    Terry Logan

    Lake Oswego

    (Editor’s note: Councilor Mike Kehoe responds: “As an avid runner and cyclist, I am a huge fan of paths and clearly we need more of them throughout our city and region.  However, spending $1.23 million on an expensive home in a challenging real estate market did not seem to be a prudent use of taxpayer funds.  It’s highly likely that we will lose a substantial amount of money when we resell this house and we will still not have a pathway.  There are three other homes that still need to be purchased some day to complete the path — which could easily take another 20 to 30 years for them to come on the market.  As an aside, I have been told that the Dunthorpe residents would very much favor a bike/pedestrian trail on the Willamette Shore Rail Line so it’s likely that they would also favor five of our councilors spending our tax dollars on a pathway.”)

    (Editor’s note: Councilor Mary Olson responds: “While serving on the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board in the 1990s, I was a strong advocate for more pathways and supported then-Mayor (Alice) Schlenker’s push for completing the city’s pathway system.  My concern with spending this much money on a risky real estate investment is that the pathway is decades from completion because three more easements need to be acquired and they are not forthcoming.  In addition, this transaction could have been handled differently and the easement acquired with less risk to the taxpayers.  “As far as ‘the wealthy Dunthorpe homeowners’ are concerned, though I do not represent their interests as an elected official, I acknowledge and appreciate their substantial contribution to the economic vitality of our business districts, schools, shops and restaurants.”)

    Williams is the right candidate for the job

    Evaluating the candidates for Lake Oswego City Council, Dan Williams has shown he is the right choice.

    Dan has a good grasp of city operations, finances, and budget. Dan will prioritize spending on core city services and focus on providing maximum benefit for taxpayers. Dan will work with council members to resolve community issues in a thoughtful, fair, and respectful manner. His ability to analyze complex challenges, formulate a plan of action and communicate it in an understandable manner will make him a valuable addition to city council. Dan will provide a positive path forward for Lake Oswego by listening to citizen ideas as well as concerns.

    He understands the strength of our community is the result of citizens’ dedication, sacrifice and thoughtful input. Dan will promote an environment where we know our city leaders are working for our benefit, and not the interests of outside influences.

    Support Dan as he strives for responsive, respectful, common sense leadership. I encourage everyone to attend candidate events, meet Dan and visit Dan’s website I believe you will find that Dan is the man for the job.

    Jim Blinkhorn

    Lake Oswego

    Studebaker feels government should work with citizens

    On Sept. 2, 2009, Nigel Jaquiss reported in Willamette Week that, “...a secret society of Portland Democrats is shaping politics in the Rose City — and the state.” (

    “The Junto,” a 42-member group, was likened to Yale’s Skull and Bones Secret Society. Its founder, Jim Zehren, was a partner with Stoel Rives. In July 2010, he became a senior policy analyst for Cogan, Owens, Cogan, the consultant hired by the city to oversee the controversial comprehensive plan update. Mayor Jack Hoffman, as well as mayoral candidate, Greg Macpherson, are on the “Junto” member list.

    In a Lake Oswego Review citizen’s view on June 20, Macpherson claimed, “Democracy should not be a spectator sport.” “Elected officials should be chosen for their ability to receive complex information and use it to reach good decisions.” “Unless citizens communicate, officials will draw guidance from other sources.”

    But Macpherson’s behind-the-scenes actions don’t seem to align with his words. When agendas are determined in secret groups, like the “Junto,” democracy is nothing more than an illusion.

    (Mayoral candidate) Kent Studebaker believes that, “City government can and should work in tandem with the citizens.”

    This November’s election provides an opportunity to bring government out of the closet. 

    Vote for Kent Studebaker.

    Carolyne R. Jones

    Lake Oswego

    Macpherson gets support of Lake Oswego duo

    We support Greg Macpherson for mayor and think you should as well.

    We moved to Lake Oswego 23 years ago because of its excellent schools and small town atmosphere. The quality of schools is still excellent though facing significant challenges and our congenial small town atmosphere is certainly threatened. We need an individual like Greg who can help us with those challenges.

    Greg Macpherson, with Harvard and Georgetown degrees, has practiced law in Oregon for 35 years. Greg has also served during a bruising time in the Oregon House where he applied his expertise as a pension lawyer to stabilize the PERS system and make a first attempt at moderating its effects on public budgets. Greg’s calm and dignified manner along with his legislative experience and intelligence are the ingredients we need for a respectful and productive council that can balance our needs and wants.

    Karen Paulino and Eliot Spindel

    Friends of Keep LO Great

    Lake Oswego

    There are many views — mine’s for Studebaker

    Déjà vu, all over again, with attempts to split Lake Oswego and to try to paint the opposition as negative to government.

    Chris Schetky in her guest piece last week, suggested that Lake Oswego is divided into two sides and that the people who disagree with her side have a “basic distrust of government.”  Greg Macpherson wrote a similar piece ... This is simply not true.

    Many have a distrust of the current leaders in our city government and their independent irresponsible actions. But far from being cynical about government, we are looking forward in a very positive way to a new city government and mature leadership.

    We are looking forward to leaders who will take pride and pleasure in listening, and then complete the duty of their elected office with the voice of the public in mind.

    Kent Studebaker will be that kind of leader. He will not divide us. He will communicate, collaborate and then lead this unified city into its great future.

    There are not two views of Lake Oswego as Ms. Schetky and Mr. Macpherson attempt to suggest. There are many views. I’m going to express mine and vote for Kent Studebaker.

    Timothy Keenen

    Lake Oswego

    Karen Bowerman just the right woman for city council

    What a refreshing role model for youth and women. Karen Bowerman has incredible intelligence and insight into issues, topped off with the ability to bring out the best in the people around her.

    Karen inspires staff around her to want to perform and deliver products she requests, because she has the art of letting others feel and be successful. I have seen her do this. This is true leadership. Karen is able to motivate others around her with respect and kindness, but also, because she is so well versed on the issues, the budget, and citizen’s views in the community.

    A proven example of Karen’s impressive skills and innovation is how she led as dean of the College of Business at California State, San Bernardino:  In down economic times, she maneuvered a budget and developed major strategic products to lead a college to one of the top 18 in the world. For Lake Oswego, she wants to control costs of living, respect citizen’s rights, and progress while keeping our unique character.

    Translated, everyone wants to work for and around a leader: that person is Karen Bowerman.

    Tana Haynes, MD

    Lake Oswego

    ‘Bill Tierney is clearly a leader’

    When my husband and I moved to Oregon from Washington, D.C. in 2006, we were in search of a community that was as committed to its children as we were to our 18-month-old daughter and her future academic success. Six years later, we couldn’t be happier to call Lake Oswego home and our neighbors family.

    That is why it is so critically important that we elect city councilors who understand the need to continue to attract young families to Lake Oswego with a vibrant community and a strong school system. Bill Tierney is clearly a leader who understands the long-term value in maintaining Lake Oswego School District’s reputation for achieving high standards with quality teachers and engaged students.

    Bill supported the $2 million financial assistance to the Lake Oswego School district in the FY 2011-2012 budget. This was not an easy decision but as many parents believe as I do, strong schools are inextricably linked to a strong community.

    If we want strong schools and a strong community we need to re-elect Bill Tierney to the Lake Oswego City Council.

    Andrea Salinas

    Lake Oswego

    Vote Tierney to another term on city council

    As Lake Oswego moves forward, and I do mean forward, we need to re-elect Bill Tierney to another term on our city council.

    Bill understands that our city needs to progress into the future, not recede into the past. The future of Lake Oswego will require great ideas coupled with a logical approach to city finances to maintain our exceptional quality of life.

    Our council also needs to constructively work together as Lake Oswego faces the challenges of a growing and vibrant city within a growing and vibrant metropolitan region.

    Bill has been a civil and moderating force on council, trying to find solutions through serious thinking and compromise. It was my privilege to work with Bill during my tenure on the Sustainability Advisory Board and the Neighborhood Plan Working Group. His passion for quality sustainable neighborhoods in a quality sustainable city ensures he will keep the bar for livability in Lake Oswego very high indeed. Vote for Bill.

    Bruce Brown

    Lake Oswego

    Studebaker constantly seeks common ground

    The fundamental essential of consensus building is the identification and fostering of commonalities and likeness between individuals and groups that view themselves as different.

    Concurrently there is a minimizing of differences. Candidate Greg Macpherson has stated clearly in forums that his years as a career politician in the state Legislature were marked by working with both parties and building consensus. His recent opinion piece is a delineation of differences. A skilled veteran consensus builder would minimally note any differences in writing, but never elaborate on it for an entire (column). How can a candidate write about the value of a nonpartisan forum when he has a publicly documented large contribution from a major national political party?

    Kent Studebaker has consistently spoken of finding the common ground between groups and individuals. Kent’s language and manner, while chair of the budget committee, demonstrated his skill and experience at building consensus.

    Kent Studebaker will identify and foster the commonalities and similarities within the individuals and groups that comprise our wonderful city. I am voting for a more united Lake Oswego. I am voting for Kent Studebaker.

    Ann Wangrud

    Lake Oswego

    City shouldn’t be offering poetry, photo contests

    I believe the poetry and photo contests (offered through the city of Lake Oswego) are illegal. What article in the city charter justifies these contests and awarding winners with money or gift cards?

    City employees were not hired to read poetry or judge photos.

    I do not want my tax dollars spent on the contests. They are extravagant.

    Alice Schlenker, former city mayor, had a letter in the Lake Oswego Review Oct. 28, 2010. She stated, “It is ridiculous for Lake Oswego to have its own lobbyist in Washington, D.C. when we already pay the National League of Cities to do that.” The city is extravagant and wasteful.

    Recently the city purchased property for $1.23 million for the sole purpose of establishing a public right of way through it. That will devaluate the property and make it harder to sell. The way the city spends money you would never know that the nation has experienced the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

    The city has urged the residents to patronize the local merchants. See “Hello LO” and the Lake Oswego Review December 2011. Advertising for merchants is not the function of the city.

    What article in the city charter justifies the city for advertising for merchants? 

    Robert Federspiel

    Lake Oswego

    City needs to end era of spend and tax

    Recently I attended an information gathering to meet and discuss issues with Greg Macpherson. I believe the meeting was controlled (to limit) any discussion that directly related to the political issues of our time. I have since discussed my concerns with two other attendees and they confirm my beliefs. Greg carefully avoided the issues. Of course I am disappointed.

    I am concerned about the amount of our long-term debt. There is nothing fair or reasonable about incurring a mountain of debt, leaving it for our future citizen-taxpayers. There is nothing smart about incurring a mountain of interest to be paid because we spend more money than we have.

    It seems to me the “special interests” have done a great job of generating support.

    I hope we can end the “Hoffman agenda” of spend and tax.

    Alan E. Schlosser

    Lake Oswego

    Studebaker, Bowerman, O’Neil, Williams backed

    One of the most valuable concepts we can teach our children is delayed gratification.

    As adults we’ve learned there are few instances where the opportunity to do something doesn’t re-present itself. Yet this once-in-lifetime mentality is how the West End Building and support for light rail have been rationalized.  

    We teach our kids the basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter and education take precedence over less vital items. So one would assume our leadership would similarly acknowledge the economic burden major sewer and water projects have had. We’d expect them to realize now might not be the time to increase our indebtedness, right?

    Well, unfortunately, it isn’t so. That is why I am urging support of Kent Studebaker for mayor and for Karen Bowerman, Skip O’Neil and Dan Williams for the Lake Oswego City Council, who will make shoring up essential services our top priority.

    That might sound like a drag, but there’s good news: the economy is cyclical. History teaches us that there will be time and resources in the future to fortify all that makes our community great.  

    If that’s a message good enough for our children, shouldn’t it be good enough for city hall?

    Rick Petry

    Lake Oswego

    Vote for Bowerman on Nov. 6

    Karen Bowerman, PhD, business consultant and Lake Oswego resident will be a valuable addition to our city council.

    Karen is a principled fiscal conservative who will bring her distinguished academic and business career to bear on finding real solutions to our city’s most challenging financial issues. She possesses the unique consensus-building skills required to reflect and balance our citizen’s priorities while maintaining the council’s primary responsibility of providing core city services.

    Karen’s strong and steady commitment to the Lake Oswego quality of life, responsible stewardship of the taxpayers money, and to respectfully listen to all citizen’s viewpoints are the qualities she will bring to councilor role that will foster positive outcomes and help bring government in alignment with the will of the people.

    On Nov. 6, please cast your ballot for Bowerman.

    Art Scevola

    Lake Oswego

    Williams, Bowerman will ‘make a difference’

    I am friends with a resident at Oakridge Apartments and would like to know where were the LO “consultants” for this low-income senior housing facility in regards to parking before council approved its existence?

    Had Bill Tierney, who keeps using the building of the facility as a “kudo” under his belt for his campaign, done true research he would’ve found that even 65-plus, low-income seniors have vehicles. The neighbors who include Lake Grove Garden Center and the lot behind the post office have posted no parking signs along the street. Since when did these businesses get the privilege to decide whether citizens can park on the side of a public street or not?

    To make matters worse, they can’t have visitors because there is no place to park. Bill Tierney has forsaken these seniors.

    Candidates Dan Williams and Karen Bowerman have taken an initiative to help these fine people. Dan has offered to take seniors to destinations and Karen has taken an interest to figure out a change in the parking situation. Lake Oswego needs more council members that truly care about seniors. I urge you to vote for Williams and Bowerman, two candidates that will make a difference.

    Mike Rowning

    West Linn

    Buddy Walk was very successful

    This is an open letter to the citizens of Lake Oswego:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

    On behalf of the board of Down Syndrome Network Oregon, we would like to thank the community in which we live for its support and generosity in helping to make our 10th anniversary Buddy Walk such an incredible success.

    The day (Sept. 23) was beautiful. It was filled with sunshine and smiles from families and friends who gathered to celebrate the uniqueness of our children with special needs. There are so many people to thank from our local community to the Buddies from all over the state that came to walk. We are in awe of all the love and support you showered upon us that day.

    Thank you, especially, to our local students and volunteers that take their role of being a Buddy seriously. Your friendship, commitment and loyalty to our families truly makes a difference in our children’s lives.

    We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

    Visit the group’s website at

    Renee Kerr and Paula Schiedler

    Lake Oswegoby: SUBMITTED PHOTO - Each year, the Buddy Walk touches thousands of lives. This year, the Down Syndrome Network Oregon Buddy Walk, including participants at Millennium Plaza Park on Sept. 23, broke records in both attendance and funds raised.