High percentage of voters turns out for Sept. 18 special election

King City voters should give themselves a collective pat on the back for their voter turnout numbers in the September special election.

King City has a high number of voters for its population - 2,236 in a city of 3,100 people - but even more important, 53.49 percent of the registered voters cast ballots on the issue of whether residents should have the right to vote before the city spends funds on public rail transit.

Considering the battles that have been fought over the right to vote, and that the state of Oregon makes voting really easy by delivered ballots right to your mailbox, a little over 50 percent doesn't look that good. Yet when you look at previous non-general-election turnouts, that 53.49 percent is actually high.

In a March 2010 special election in Washington County, 31.96 percent of registered voters voted, and in the May 2010 primary election, only 37.51 percent voted. In 2008, 53.69 registered Washington County voters voted in the May primary; but in 2006 in the May primary, only 37.74 percent of Washington County voters cast ballots, and in the May 2004 primary, 43.05 percent voted.

Who knows how high the numbers will go in the November general election coming up next month? But considering how good the response was in September, they no doubt will set a high mark again.

So contratulations, King City, on the big-time turn-out!

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