Who will stand with Israel?

The world is on fire yet few seem to be paying attention. We face the subtle and not so subtle loss of personal liberty in the name of security or fairness or 'social justice or 'human rights'. Yet 252 years ago Benjamin Franklin observed that, 'Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety' Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, enshrined in the Declaration of Independence as 'self evident,' are either under attack on a daily basis or purposely disregarded by many of the very institutions or individuals sworn or expected to protect them.

It is often said, that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Israel faces increasingly hostile forces of the political left, mainstream media, and, yes, terrorist governments and actors such as Iran, Syria, Muslim brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah aligned and actively working to bring her down. Here at home, our economy has been battered and beaten down by the actions of both parties who have sold themselves for years to economic radicals whose world view and results are regularly played out in the violence seen in the streets of London and most of the capitals of the EU. The West, led by the current U.S. administration, is no longer the strong supporter of Israel and the Jewish people as has been the tradition since 1948.

The evidence and examples are everywhere. Blame and abandonment of our last and best ally in the Middle East permeates U.S. foreign policy and the U.N. It is no small coincidence that the economic outlook, policies, and reforms that gave birth to post World War I Germany are at work again within our country. The object of blame is the Jew and now the sovereignty of Israel. The political and economic forces that led to the national socialist disaster and produced the mass genocide that took place in the 30s and 40s are at work again today.

The question is will history repeat itself or will men and women stand with Israel and say no more. Will church leaders speak the truth of the weekly threats that increase the risk to the very survival of the land at the heart and the origin of the Judaeo-Christian faith? Will the media ever show the other side of the Palestinian issue that cries out for attention but gets almost none? Will the educators remind their students that evil in the world does exist and that wearing a Che shirt is to either ignore or revere it, either of which is implied consent?

This week an unprecedented gathering of supporters of Israel participated in events in Jerusalem, viewed electronically at 1,000s of viewing parties all over the world (including Lake Oswego). The theme of standing against evil and reliance on love along with individual responsibility permeated every speech and action that took place. The hope of protecting Israeli sovereignty, defensible borders and her place and value to freedom-loving people were amplified. If darkness is to be turned away, we must all become involved, to learn and know history, and to not allow the latest strain of 'political correctness' to continue to replace good judgment, personal responsibility and common sense.

Art Scevola is a resident of Lake Oswego. He is president of Oregon 912Project.

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