We have a Portland School Board with responsibility to ensure that any bond funds the voters may approve are prudently spent (Bond panel doesn’t represent all of us, Sept. 27).

The Citizen Construction Accountability Committee appears to be a smokescreen between the Portland Public Schools and that responsibility.

Noam Chomsky said politics is about the manufacture of consent, and the illusion of participation. That is what is going on here.

I would be more inclined to vote “yes” on this more than a half-billion dollar grab, if we had the Portland School Board’s assurance that projects to be funded by this measure would be broken into smaller packages, for which a broad range of local contractors can compete, and its commitment not to use large no-bid prime contracts, and competitively bid all prime contracts in the smaller packages.

John F. Bradach Sr.

Northeast Portland

Green card doesn’t buy citizenship

A green card is not citizenship, it grants the holder the right to live in the United States provided they do not break any laws (Investors lining up for green cards, Sept. 27).

Claiming that Asians are buying citizenship is dishonest and inflammatory.

There have always been legal ways for foreigners to acquire green cards by investing in the United States.

Keith Myers

Northwest Portland

Our youth downsize American Dream

In “(P)Retirement’s New Frontier” (Sept. 13), Peter Korn bemoans the wave of educated young adults coming to Portland that includes many who will never become the job creators on whom the city is banking.

He notes that their living on less inclination is not a formula for ramping up the local economy.

Lost in his analysis is a critical fact. The American Dream of living on more has led humankind to the abyss of ecological collapse. Downshifting aspirations from those that consume energy and resources to those that do not is requisite to a sustainable future.

We should applaud our young role models in Portland demonstrating that life can be joyful and vibrant without pursuing the highly commercialized illusion that “stuff,” travel and self-indulgence are key indicators to success and happiness in our culture.

Dick Roy

Southwest Portland

Co-founder of the

Center for Earth Leadership

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