(Soapboxes are guest opinions from our readers, and anyone is welcome to write one. Hilary Hutchinson lives in Cedar Hills.)

I am troubled by something I witnessed the other day. I was going south on Cedar Hills Boulevard trying to get to Farmington Road.

The traffic going south has no priority at the traffic light on Canyon Road, and gets very little time to cross. The priority is given to Canyon Road.

So when you get the green light, you are relieved to finally be across this intersection only to be confronted with a road coming in from the right in the middle of the block and a railroad track, which leave little room for the cars going on south toward Farmington.

If you've been in this section of the road, you know what I mean about it being hazardous and congested.

Well, the car two cars in front of me just made it through the intersection, but didn't have enough space to get completely out of the intersection.

This has happened to me because you think there will be space, but because of the tracks and the space that's supposed to be left for the side road - you never know. And, the cars in front of you don't realize you need a little more space. Then, you have to wait again for the light at Farmington.

Has anyone ever thought of synchronizing these lights to make the traffic flow smoothly through this block?

The driver was in the inside lane, and his only hope was to switch into the outside lane, which was free. Before he could do that, along comes a police car, which was going east on Canyon Road. The police car turns right into the open outside lane totally preventing this driver from getting out of the intersection by changing lanes.

So finally the light changes at Farmington, the cars move, and all is well. Oh, no… The police car follows the hapless driver, puts on the lights, and pulls the driver over - a maneuver in itself that just about causes an accident. To compound this, I think the car had an out-of-state license.

Surely the driver would have no idea of the complications of that stretch of Cedar Hills Boulevard.

I was seriously thinking about stopping to talk with the officer.

What would I say? Yes, the car was not completely through the intersection, but this is not your normal city block. I've been in this spot before myself. Please don't give this driver a ticket. You, as a local police officer, surely know how difficult this one block is for drivers.

Can't something be done about this one block between Canyon and Farmington roads?

It's a real hassle.

Certainly the out-of-town driver didn't deserve a ticket for unknowingly getting stuck in this traffic mess. I hope he didn't get one, or if he did, the judge will throw it out.

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