Continue support for Main Street

Over the last couple of years, the city has provided financial incentives so some of the buildings in the C-1 district could receive facelifts to look more like Sandy Style.

We feel that the C-1 district looks the best it has for years.

In order to continue the Sandy Main Street program, a person is needed to promote and assist property owners and merchants in the C-1 district.

We all know people cost money, and we believe that is a cost of doing business.

What is being requested is a fairly small sum per year, and we think the program should be supported.

With a more vibrant business community, there would be less tenant turnover and eventually an opportunity to raise rent in the C-1 district.

We ask the property owners that are opposed to this program to please take a look at the long-term potential and join us in support of the Sandy Main Street program.

Brad and Vicki Picking


Endorsement of Johnson is telling

I found the Sandy Post’s endorsement of Mark Johnson for representative in House District 52 to be enlightening. The rationale supporting it is even more telling.

The Post makes the claim that even though Johnson’s opponent, Peter Nordbye, rejects contributions from political action committees, special interest groups and corporations, he would still vote in favor of those interests because he’s a liberal Democrat. According to The Post, “While he has not been purchased by outside influences, you can safely bet that Nordbye, if elected, would vote in a way that favors those interests all the same.”

Let’s take that thought to its logical conclusion. The Post asserts that Nordbye, by taking limited contributions from individuals who actually live inside the district’s boundary, would be beholding to a plethora of outside interests simply because he is a liberal Democrat. Johnson on the other hand, would never be indebted to his own unlimited sources.

In The Post’s hypothesis, Johnson’s acceptance of outsider, influential cash would help him to “work across the aisle” in the state House and enable him to be even more responsive to his constituents. The real issue here is, to whom will he be most responsive? Will it be the constituent who donates $50 or will it be to the special interest group who contributes a significantly larger sum?

One would think that, in the nearly three years since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, The Post would at least acknowledge the actual results of unlimited political funding from unnamed sources.

Because Nordbye is a liberal Democrat, The Post admitted that we can expect him to have a strong commitment to women’s rights, living-wage jobs, strong public education, equal opportunity, environmental awareness, public safety, health care, and transparency in government.

I agree with that conclusion.

Thom Walker


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