Feel-good pet painter turns talents to creating new work for children

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - The cover of 'I Create My World' is a colorful introduction to a book that will help kids find a better way to discover themselves.Uplifting. Joyful. Affirmative. Whimsical. All of those words and more could be used to describe Lake Oswego artist Connie Bowen. She used to focus her art on animals and placing her work on greeting cards. Now, Bowen is doing something that makes even better use of her talent for making people feel good with her new e-Book for children.

“It’s spiritual without being religious,” said Bowen, who always provides the word “Blessings” along with her signature in closing her letters. “This book will help you focus on what you love. That way more will come into your life.”

Painting animals was a fun way to make a living, but Bowen is always open to inspiration. The inspiration for her new book came while she was taking a shower, where she does some of her best thinking.

“I had done a bunch of funny little paintings, but there were no words to go with them,” Bowen said. “While I was in the shower the thought came to me, ‘These paintings go with affirmations.’ I said out loud, ‘They do?’”

The answer, of course, was ‘Yes,’ and the result is “I Create My World,” an eBook filled with 27 fantastically whimsical and colorful paintings accompanied by appropriate affirmations. It is suitable for children and the parents that love them. Bowen knows painting and she also knows affirmations.

“I say them to myself every day,” she said. “I’ve done it for three decades.”

Thus, the combination makes for fun reading. A sampling:

n An elephant caressing a giant cornucopia of fruit with its trunk, accompanied by some kind of little elf character.

n Bowen’s noble dog, Roxie, sitting under her writing table and observing with fascination a tiny family that lives under the table. Bowen is in the painting, too, but only her knees are showing as she obliviously keeps on writing.

n A large goose wearing a funny bonnet and opening a chest that looks like Pandora’s Box — only it’s filled with good things.

“I Create My World” is vastly entertaining because it is so visually witty and exudes color and imagination. But Bowen wants to do more than entertain. She wants to change the way her readers think. Actually, she wants them to think like she does.

“By repeating affirmations I can feel energy shift around any situation,” Bowen said. “It helps bring solutions to my mind. I think, ‘Only the highest good of all can come of this.’ It’s just a way to think. I think it affects us at a cellular level.”

Norman Vincent Peale already took the title “The Power of Positive Thinking,” but it is the perfect theme for Bowen’s life. She thinks, therefore she is happy.

This new eBook is a follow-up to the regular print book for children that Bowen wrote 17 years ago called, “I Believe In Me.”

It not only has been a steady seller, with 55,000 copies sold, but it recently was honored by the Huffington Post with the National ATHENA Award, winning in the category of book-as-mentor in spirituality.

The honor is quite nice, but the nicest thing about the book is that teachers tell Bowen, “When my children read your book, they leave class with their heads held high.”

“I Create My World” is now available on and iTunes for $6.99.

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