I strongly favor Oregon’s Lew Barnes

I have talked many times with Lew Barnes and have found him to be very personable, open and knowledgeable for the job of state representative in Oregon’s District 31, for which he is running.

Lew Barnes is a U.S. Marine and worked as a salaried leader in several companies until he started his own company in 1988.

I like his sharp intellect and ideas that our district needs today that contrasts the current incumbent who always votes for new spending, voting for over $2 billion in new spending the last two years without considering the heavy costs. We have a crisis on spending without anything worthwhile to show for it.

Vote for new responsible governing, and elect Lew Barnes, state representative for Oregon District 31.

Terry Salo, Clatskanie

Sick of PERS? Consider voting Republican

Adding eight furlough days to district schools is bad news. The necessity to do so is not, however, a result of reduced state funding for education.

In 2009, with Democrats holding a supermajority, $375 million was indeed cut from the state’s education budget, but in 2010 a more politically balanced state Legislature added $216 million to the governor’s requested funding for schools. Unfortunately, the situation will only get worse. Growing PERS costs have already resulted in deep school budget cuts, and in September the Oregon PERS Board mandated a massive increase in PERS payments by government employers at every level.

Legislators like Rep. Brad Witt, who have spent their entire professional lives representing unions, are blocking Republican efforts to reform PERS. Instead they vote to increase taxes to fund PERS.

Those taxes depress the economy and lower state revenues. The downward spiral will not end until we elect people like Knute Buehler and Lew Barnes who are strongly committed to reforming PERS.

End furlough days by electing Knute Buehler and Lew Barnes.

Chana Cox, Skyline Ridge

Pulling for Marty Baldwin

I have known Marty Baldwin and his family for over seven years and know him to be engaging, involved, ethical and committed to our community. Marty is a very caring person and not afraid to state his opinion about matters that concern all of us, most importantly the welfare of our children and their families whose inherited legacy in Scappoose will be left to them by us.

There are several upcoming issues that will affect all of our lives in Scappoose, not the least of which is the question of coal trains traveling throughout our city, strengthening our water delivery systems that need to be replaced/updated and their associated costs; improving our surface street travel and safety throughout town and helping to create a city budget that will benefit from Marty’s vast experience in balancing multi-million-dollar budgets in his previous career.

Marty Baldwin is honest and character-driven. When he says that he will do something, he does it; and if he does not know the answer to something, he finds out the answer and gets back to you without delay. Marty consistently looks for multiple ways to problem-solve and is not content to always “do things like we have always done before.”

Marty is not a career-minded politician; he wants to serve us locally and do the best job that he can for us now and for the future. You can be assured that by voting for Marty on Nov. 6 you will be casting your ballot for someone of high morals and character, someone who will look out for all of us and our families by helping to grow our community and preserving its livability at the same time.

Please join me and my family for voting for Marty Baldwin for Scappoose City Council.

Debby Carpenter, Scappoose

Marty Baldwin gets things done

I have had the privilege of knowing Marty Baldwin and his family these past two years. I first met him and his wife Katie as neighbors and soon came to respect him as an involved supporter of the greater community and schools.

I have learned that Marty is one of the people I can count on to get things done. He is always willing to help, no matter how busy he is. Friendly smile, open-minded and a willingness to work are characteristics that only help describe the positive attributes Marty possesses.

Marty’s goals of supporting business growth in Scappoose, as well as helping shape the future of our city services, are sincere and well thought out.

It is very apparent to me that Marty would be a valuable asset to the people of Scappoose. He has proven to me that Scappoose is his home and the city he wants to serve.

As a longtime member and positive supporter of the greater Scappoose community I strongly support Marty Baldwin in the upcoming election and I urge my fellow Scappoose citizens to do likewise.

I encourage you to vote Marty Baldwin for Scappoose City Council.

George Dunkel, Scappoose

Baldwin stood out immediately

This is a letter of support of Marty Baldwin’s running for city councilor. I first met Marty in 2005 when he moved into our Keys Crest neighborhood and stood out immediately due to his involvement in the homeowners’ association.

Upon meeting Marty, it was apparent that he would be a valuable asset to the people of Scappoose. He convinced his daughter, Kristen, and her husband to move their family to Scappoose because it would be a great place to raise their children as well as Marty getting to be more involved in their lives. He is a strong supporter of our school system where his grandchildren attend class and are involved in youth sports programs.

Marty has stated his goals of supporting business growth in Scappoose as well as helping shape the future of our parks, city services and our environmental issues.

Marty is an active supporter of the Columbia Pacific Food Bank and the Amani Center for the Child Abuse Assessment Program. He is a retired law enforcement officer as well as having a 27-year career as a CEO of the Boy Scouts of America office in Reno, Nev., where he oversaw a budget of $2 million.

I wholeheartedly support Marty Baldwin in the upcoming election, and I urge my fellow Scappoose citizens to do likewise. We can only hope that through Marty’s leadership our community will continue to provide outstanding services due to Marty’s strong character and ethical and honest ideals.

Please cast your vote for Marty.

Mike Hoag, Scappoose

I’m voting for Hyde

Recently, I was approached by a Democratic activist regarding my support for keeping Tony Hyde as our county commissioner. Recognizing that he was speaking to a fellow Democrat, he made the unfortunate comment that, “If I was a real Democrat, I would vote for the Democrat in the race.”

This is a sad comment on so many levels. First, this is a nonpartisan election. I happen to know Tony Hyde very well and, yes, Tony and I do not agree on many national issues. The nice thing about local politics is that these issues do not intrude. We are free to vote for the most energetic, competent and effective leader we can find without the intrusion of the divisive national political debates.

My husband and I have both been active Columbia County volunteers for more than 30 years. During that time neither one of us has encountered a more hard-working, knowledgeable or effective county commissioner. Tony continues to work hard to bring jobs and good governance to Columbia County.

We encourage you all to vote to retain Tony Hyde as our county commissioner.

Kim Tierney, Vernonia

Rooting for Dave

In regards to the Jeff Dickerson/Dave Fuller issue: If we were all perfect and never made any mistakes, Mr. Dickerson, we’d be in heaven. You go, Dave.

Judy Phelps, Scappoose

Not liking Fuller coverage

I am writing regarding the current campaign for Columbia County sheriff. It is apparent that the local papers, The Spotlight in particular, have picked their candidate.

Reporter Ms. Katie Wilson managed to present an inaccurate representation of Mr. Fuller. Her entire front-page article in the Spotlight’s Sept. 25 edition was written based off of information gathered from the sheriff’s office.

As any up-to-date voter is aware, the sheriff’s office roughly translates to Sheriff Jeff Dickerson, the opponent of Mr. Fuller and a biased source of information. The article blatantly trashed Mr. Fuller with immorality and compared him to convicts and criminals by bringing up a 27-year-old accident that he was a passenger in. There is no crime there, the accident was non-injury, and he had made contact with the homeowner before he left.

On the subject of the current investigation that Ms. Wilson reported — it seems to me that the Sheriff’s Office and Oregon State Police combined just might come to some conclusion on this major six-month investigation over a $250 ticket for not filing an accident report. I can see where the suspense and your sensationalizing the unproven allegations against Mr. Fuller is a continued effort to discredit him in his campaign for sheriff.

The Spotlight has failed to mention that Dave Fuller is a lifelong resident of Columbia County other than his military service, or that he is a family man with a wife and children, or his commendations and awards during his 29 years of service with the Sheriff’s Office.

Dickerson has tried to scare people — residents who vote — to vote for his levy by stating that the Sheriff’s Office would only be able to field one deputy per shift in the entire county.

Shortly after that levy failed, while I was on the river, Columbia County had two boats with two deputies in each. Later in St. Helens, I saw two cars and a pickup with deputies in each, all on the same day from St. Helens to the Sauvie Island Bridge. He also stated that deputies would not be able to answer 911 calls, so residents would have to arm and protect themselves; in other words, you’re on your own.

Since Dickerson has become sheriff, it would appear as though being an Oregon State Police officer is a prerequisite to be sheriff or deputy. Currently four officers in the department (including Dickerson and Undersheriff Moyer) have chosen the county over the benefits, wages and “prestige” of being with the OSP.

In closing, Dave Fuller has 29 years of experience as a Columbia County deputy to bring with him to the position of Columbia County Sheriff. Let’s reclaim our Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

Stuart Johnson, Scappoose

New signs, new rules

You probably have noticed new “No Parking” signs along S.E. High School Way between S.E. 6th Street and U.S. Highway 30.

The majority of these signs on the north side of High School Way had been replaced due to the previous faded signs.

We did add additional signs southbound on High School Way between S.E. 5th and S.E. 6th streets along the ditches.

For the past two weeks, Scappoose police have been giving verbal and written warnings; however, starting Oct. 8, parking citations may be issued.

There are plenty of alternative parking areas for events on S.E. 6th Street, and during non-school hours there is additional parking in both parking lots at the Scappoose High School, Grant Watts and Peterson School.

Chief Doug Greisen, Scappoose Police Department

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