Bond measure 3-406 supporting Boones Ferry Road has been a long time in the making. It is the next phase of a grassroots effort by the local business community and neighborhood associations, and is the result of more than 13 years of give-and-take meetings allowing us to hear all voices and gain consensus on our vision for this public infrastructure.

I would like to give you some perspective from the neighbors ... specifically the Waluga Neighborhood Association. Boones Ferry Road is how we get to and from our neighborhood, as well as where we buy our groceries, dine, fuel our vehicles, bank and purchase needed services.

It is important that we are able to walk and bicycle in the area. Our children need to cross Boones Ferry to get to elementary school. We need to keep the neighborhood safe for pedestrians.

The plan allows us to start improving traffic flow to minimize bottlenecks while also keeping speeds in check. It is designed to add more pedestrian and bicycle friendly opportunities. It will greatly improve the safety for children walking to school.

We need to assure that our neighborhood does not become a cut through for traffic accessing I-5 or downtown Lake Oswego. The neighborhood should not become a parking lot for businesses.

The plan focuses on designs that discourage traffic through the neighborhood and encourage use of Kruse Way for I-5 access. We will have narrow lanes, landscaped islands and slow speeds. We want to minimize driveways and encourage shared parking, as well add net new parking near the Village Center.

We want to keep our vibrant and locally owned neighborhood businesses. The Village Center is our gathering area and marketplace. It is also critical for supporting businesses in the Kruse Way employment zone.

We are unique in the number of small, locally owned businesses that are located on Boones Ferry. It is a draw for neighbors and employees. Updating the Boones Ferry public infrastructure gives them the long-term confidence they need to invest in improving and redeveloping their properties.

Finally, we want to keep density and growth in the Village Center with transitions to lower density neighborhoods.

“Fixing” Boones Ferry helps accomplish this by handling traffic’s increased volumes and minimizing bottlenecks that could push traffic into the neighborhoods.

In the never-ending process of making our neighborhood a great place to live, we need to continue to work the vision we have created with all of our stakeholders — single and multiple family residences, businesses, schools and the city. We are in consensus on how we see the future of the Lake Grove Village Center and have implemented new zoning standards. We have a plan for Boones Ferry. This is not some “new” development project ... but something that is more than 13 years in the works. Now is the time to start the next phase for making the Village Center a reality. It is not something city council is trying to push on us ... rather we have been pushing them with our grassroots work. Please support your Waluga neighbors and vote yes on Bond Measure 3-406.

Jeff Novak is the chairman of the Waluga Neighborhood Association. He has been actively involved since 2001 as a member of the Boones Ferry Road Corridor Study and Alternate Neighborhood Representative on the Lake Grove Village Center Planning Committee.

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