Birds of a feather flock to Duck Shop

• Shoppers craving Ducks memorabilia will have to wait a bit

Everyone wanted the T-shirt that University of Oregon football coach Mike Bellotti was wearing on television just after the Ducks memorably stomped the Colorado Buffaloes in the Fiesta Bowl on New Year's Day.

Unfortunately, the University of Oregon Duck Shop in downtown Portland, which usually has bowl-related memorabilia on hand immediately after games, didn’t yet have the shirts Ñ or any other Fiesta Bowl championship memorabilia Ñ on Wednesday, the day after the romp in Tempe, Ariz.

'We should be receiving them in the next couple of days,' Duck Shop clerk Dan Parsons told the latest caller, one of many who had been calling the store since it opened at 9 a.m. Wednesday.

By today, the store should have Duck T-shirts, sweatshirts and hats emblazoned with 'Fiesta Bowl Champions,' said Kayla Van Allen, assistant manager of the shop at 734 S.W. Yamhill, a satellite of the University of Oregon Bookstore in Eugene.

The university's Eugene buyer determines the store's inventory, Van Allen said, and she wasn't sure why the store didn't have the championship T-shirts on hand immediately after Tuesday's game.

About a dozen Duck fans, who were in the store to shop for just such memorabilia, were disappointed but not daunted.

Some, like Bob Beattie of Beaverton, vowed to return over the weekend for a championship shirt.

Others were content to buy anything Duck-related. They wanted to celebrate a significant win, one that solidified the Ducks' place among college football's upper echelon this year, bringing national attention to Bellotti and the team.

United Airlines flight attendant Susan McCormick, a Duck fan who was transferred to Denver three weeks ago, was on a Duck Shop shopping spree. She had picked out a sweatshirt, a gold T-shirt and Duck slippers.

'I'm going all out,' she said. 'I want a key chain with my name on it and another T-shirt for my mom,' said the new Colorado resident. 'I'm just proud to be a Duck fan.'

Portland's Lucas Forzley, a U of O alum making his first Duck Shop visit, said he was 'pumped by the Fiesta Bowl' and looking for an Oregon sticker for his car.

'The Ducks just won so convincingly,' he said. 'Man, this makes me want to see them play the winner of the Nebraska-Miami game.'

Fans also were on hand to share their feelings with fellow Duck boosters.

'I hope the game shows the political parties they need to pay attention to the West Coast,' said Beaverton's Kathy Davis, who bought a sweatshirt and T-shirt to show support for the Ducks. 'Those who made the bowl decision were wrong. We had a great record and didn't go to the Rose Bowl. They're going to have to pay attention to the Pac-10.'

Anthony Riley of St. Johns was bowled over by the victory.

'I'm so proud to be an Oregonian, so proud to be a Duck,' said Riley, who praised Bellotti's 'prepared and focused' team. He was looking for a cap or shirt or anything Ducky.

Besides the Duck shop, Webfoot fans can Web-shop for Fiesta Bowl memorabilia at the U of O Bookstore's Web site,

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