Here are the plays Ñ obvious and not so obvious Ñ that will define the Oregon Ducks' victory in the 2002 Fiesta Bowl:


1. On Oregon's first play, Joey Harrington throws 40 yards to Samie Parker, who catches the ball out of bounds. Oregon won't be conservative in attacking the Buffs.

2. It takes a prayer of a screen pass, caught by one hand for 33 yards, to set up the Buffs' touchdown. The Ducks were putting Bobby Pesavento on his back as he passed.

3. No denying Harrington is on his game as he pinpoints a 28-yard TD pass to Keenan Howry.

Oregon 7, Colorado 7


4. Man, can Parker run, as he shows on his 79-yard touchdown catch of a spiraling Harrington ball. Speed and tenacity were UO advantages all day.

5. Oregon stuffs the Colorado running game three drives in a row, then Steve Smith's interception on the next Buff drive leads to the Ducks' third touchdown.

6. On Oregon's TD, Harrington picks up the blitz and shovels the ball to Onterrio Smith, who scores easily.

7. Robbie Robinson intercepts a Harrington pass, but the Colorado player sees the QB's competitiveness when Harrington runs over to make the tackle.

Oregon 21, Colorado 7


8. Maurice Morris uses Colorado's Joey Johnson as an easy chair, then rises up and runs for a touchdown. You have to see it to believe it.

9. Only Pesavento's big toe prevents Colorado from scoring after he was caught throwing a TD pass just past the line of scrimmage. After the penalty, a 47-yard field goal attempt goes wide right.

10. Goodbye, Colorado, as Steve Smith makes his second pick on third-and-15 to end a short drive.

Oregon 28, Colorado 7


11. Nothing is going the Buffs' way. Replays show Donald Strickland got one foot in-bounds for an interception, but the refs rule otherwise. On the next play, UO's Jared Siegel kicks a career-long 47-yard field goal.

12. Steve Smith's third interception gives him nine for the year. Nine picks É sure makes up for getting burned a few times on single coverage, a defensive strategy key to Oregon's success.

13. They call him 'Clutch' for a reason. Tight end Justin Peelle catches five balls in his final game, four for first downs and his last a 4-yard TD reception. So, who was the better tight end in the game: Peelle or ballyhooed Daniel Graham?

14. Graham dunks over the crossbar after scoring with 18 seconds left. He draws a 15-yard penalty, and the extra-point kick fails.

Oregon 38, Colorado 16

Ñ Jason Vondersmith

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