New year brings nagging news


It's a new year, and with that come new stories. New rumors. New people. But so far, the same old Blazers.

Let's take a look at just a few of the stories:

nÊBig-league tickets: Did you hear? If you buy season tickets to the Portland Beavers, you get priority for tickets to a prospective major-league team in Portland.

Wow. Just tell me when that team is going to be here, and I'll sign up for a bunch. Nobody wants that big-league ticket more than I do. But I think this comes off as kind of a cheesy way to market Triple-A baseball tickets. It's tough enough in this economy to sell tickets. Selling dreams, I fear, is even more difficult.

nÊWhat do you think about the Wallace trade? Yeah, everyone was talking about it last week. You know, the Rasheed Wallace-for-Kwame Brown deal.

Did any of those talking heads telling you about the deal bother to give you the full story? If they didn't tell you there's a difference of more than $10 million in the players' salaries, they didn't tell you how complicated the trade would be to complete. Both teams are over the salary cap, and any trade has to match, dollar for dollar. That means more players have to be included to balance it out.

And if they didn't tell you that Wallace has an opt-out clause in his contract after this season, they didn't tell you how hard he'd be to trade. You want to give up a quality player for Wallace, knowing he can jump out of his contract this summer? Not without some assurance you can re-sign him.

Look, it's possible all those obstacles could be overcome. A lot of deals are difficult. I'm not saying it's impossible.

My point is simply this: Reporters who don't bother to tell you the specifics of possible trades like this are being irresponsible or lazy. Or they don't want to bring up anything that contradicts the big 'scoop' they think they have.

Besides, if we're talking trades, the one player who fits the Trail Blazer profile that has so far eluded Bob Whitsitt is Latrell Sprewell. You just know it's inevitable he'll be a Blazer someday.

nÊSeahawks miss the playoffs. Can you believe Mike Holmgren? Everyone in the NFL, everyone in Husky Stadium, everyone in the press box Ñ I mean, everyone Ñ knows that his starting quarterback should have been Trent Dilfer. But all year long, Holmgren stubbornly clung to Matt Hasselbeck, refusing to admit he'd made a mistake from the beginning.

The problem compounded itself all year while Dilfer waited patiently for either Holmgren to make a move or Hasselbeck to get hurt. Finally, of course, he got hurt Ñ but not quite soon enough.

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