'Local voters will likely be asked to consider approving a number of tax measures in either the May primary election or the November general election, even though Oregon has been hit by the worst economic recession and highest unemployment rates in two decades.

'Tough economic times will make it even more difficult than normal for local governments and their citizen supporters to convince voters to approve additional funding Ñ even if the funds are critically needed.

'That said, it doesn't mean that local cities, schools ÉÊor special service districts should pull back from approaching voters for bond or operating levy approval. But it does mean that before wading in, they should have a clear picture of how the public's needs are met or tangibly benefited by the election measure. And unfortunately, because of the recession, funding requests should serve immediate and critical needs. That's because voters may only be able to choose to support one or two measures Ñ or evaluate voting for none at all.'

Ñ An editorial in The Tigard Times suggesting local governments continue their pursuit of additional tax levies despite tough economic times

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