Patriots? Why should we care?


The St. Louis Rams held on to win Sunday and spared the NFL the embarrassment of a New England-Philadelphia Super Bowl. I mean, can you imagine, only a week to hype the Big Game this season and those teams to work with?

The glamour of the Rams will save the ratings for the game and certainly make it a little flashier to watch. For me, there isn't much romance in anyone facing the Patriots in a Super Bowl, though. They've been there before and proved inadequate, and I don't see much difference this time.

The Rams are too much football team for New England.

Predictions? I've been seeing a few lately that I can't really believe.

All over the country, and now even locally, people are saying the Trail Blazers aren't going to make the NBA playoffs. Well, it's become fashionable to say that, and it's the dream of all those people who hate the idea of one team spending a lot more money on players than the other teams. But it's a pretty silly thing to predict.

OK, so the Blazers have a difficult schedule in the second half of the season. It's still hard to believe that there are eight better Western Conference teams than Portland.

OK, put the best teams Ñ Sacramento, the Lakers, Dallas, Minnesota and San Antonio Ñ off by themselves. That still leaves three playoff spots for Seattle, the Clippers, Phoenix, Utah and Portland to fight over. Do you really think three of those teams are better than the Blazers?

No way.

Which brings me to another prediction I can't quite believe. All over the country, 'experts' are getting a little carried away with the Los Angeles Lakers' midseason laziness and are saying they won't repeat as champions. Now call me a little old-fashioned, but I go with the champs until they are deposed.

And I wonder if everybody has already forgotten the way the Lakers marched through the playoffs last spring. As long as Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant are healthy, the Lakers still must be considered the team to beat.

I love to watch Sacramento. Dallas is entertaining. But I'm sorry, there is no way in the world I'd ever pick either to unseat the Lakers.

Which brings me back to the Super Bowl. The good thing about the NFL is, just about any team can wake up and find itself, almost out of nowhere, in a Super Bowl. Remember the Atlanta Falcons a few years ago?

But the bad news is that just about any team can wake up and find itself in a Super Bowl. New England, what are you doing there? And why should we care?

I don't see this game being close. Make it 45-17, St. Louis. And, yeah, I'm the guy who picked Colorado to win the Fiesta Bowl.

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