Some Super leftovers: nÊLet's see, the last two teams to win a Super Bowl ÑÊNew England and Baltimore Ñ had one thing in common: great defenses and low-risk offenses designed to keep those defenses out of trouble. As someone who doesn't care much about defensive battles, I think it would have been better for the Rams to win. After all, everyone in sports copies what the winners do, and it will be a pretty dull league if everyone plays safety-first offense.

nÊSpeaking of trends, you have to wonder if other teams will somehow conquer their players' self-interest enough to be introduced 'as a team' the way the Pats were, rather than individually, before games. Personally, I kind of like the individual introductions.

nÊEven though Fox had three hours and 20 minutes worth of pregame show, it still needed to put the mug shots of starting players up on the screen after the first and second plays of the game. If anything important ever happens on those first two plays, you'll never see the replay because you have to see those player pictures.

nÊWere the Oakland Raiders the best team in football? They played the Patriots tougher than anyone and had to play them in a snowstorm at New England. And it took a replay overturn for the Pats to beat them.

nÊAfter an entire game of playing it safe, you have to give the Patriots credit for going for it in the final 1 1Ú2 minutes, something a lot of NFL teams would not have done. By the way, can you ever remember seeing an NFL game Ñ a football game on any level Ñ go down to the last two minutes with NEITHER team having a timeout left?

nÊSt. Louis coach Mike Martz went into the game as an offensive genius and came out a buffoon. He seemed a victim of overconfidence as much as anything Ñ panicking out of his game plan early and just never seeming to find a way to attack the Patriots. He did not get enough from Marshall Faulk, the best player in the league. Some of these offensive gurus are too impatient to run the ball.

nÊYes, Pat Summerall made a lot of mistakes during the game. Little flubs, mostly. But I don't care. You excuse those things when you're dealing with someone who has visited your living room for so many years. I'm sorry it's the last time I'll ever hear John Madden and Summerall together.

nÊThe Democratic National Committee left me a voice mail Monday morning, something about asking me if I'd pick George Bush to win the next presidential race. Well, I usually do pick the favorite.

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