Their clients maintain a shred of dignity


Travis Pauck sounds like a psychiatrist when he talks about helping clients get over 'whatever level of paranoia they have.' Actually, he is sales manager for the Portland franchise of Shred-it, an international document-shredding company. Pauck and a staff of 14 reassure nervous clients by destroying such confidential papers as payroll information and customer lists. Shred-it and other local firms with names such as Docu-Shred and AM Document Destruction dispatch shredding trucks, outfitted with industrial-size shredders, to workplaces throughout Portland to shred on-site. The company charges $38 per hundred pounds of documents. Even before the current Enron-Arthur Andersen paper-shredding brouhaha, Pauck said, businesses had increasingly been seeking shredding services. For their records, clients receive a 'certificate of destruction' after the shredding is done, Pauck said.

Ñ Mary Bellotti