Bike haven gives pedal power to the people


The people who run the Community Cycling Center, 1700 N.E. Alberta St., believe that anyone who needs transportation should have it. The center offers a good used bike free of charge to any adult on assistance who lacks a car. 'We're trying to help those who need the help the most,' said Daniel Bohn, the center's executive director. All the bikes that are sold or given away at the center are donated, and 80 percent of the work at the center is done by volunteers. Bikes in especially bad shape are recycled, with 13 tons of bicycle parts recycled at the center last year alone. While new bikes at high-end shops around town cost as much as several thousand dollars, the center sells used bikes for anywhere from $99 to $500, with a three-month guarantee. 'We want to help people who need it most get good, reliable transportation,' Bohn said.

Ñ Daniel J. Curran