The orchestra was playing É and there wasn't a gray hair in the house.

Grade school students from across the state descended on the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall recently for two one-hour concerts performed by the Portland Youth Philharmonic's Conservatory Orchestra.

Though the audience did its best to sit still throughout the hourlong concert, there was more squirming and twisting than at a Silly Putty convention.

The musicians, led by their new conductor, Cindy H. Petty, played 'Name That Tune' at the Feb. 7 concert. The cello section performed the theme song from the movie 'Indiana Jones.' The violas played the cartoon song 'Rhapsody Rabbit' from the 'Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2.'

Allie Schultz, a third-grader from Glencoe Elementary School in Southeast Portland, had her Leonard Bernstein moment, conducting the orchestra in 'The Stars and Stripes Forever.'

Ñ Michaela Bancud

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