Here are some Portland charities and social service agencies that offer help with food, clothing, housing and energy, and rent assistance:

• William Temple House provides groceries, rent and energy assistance, free professional counseling; 503-226-3021.

• Catholic Charities offers a number of social services; 503-231-4866.

• Oregon Food Bank collects and distributes food to food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and other social service agencies; 503-282-0555.

• Human Solutions, the largest provider of energy assistance in the Northwest, provides food, clothing and other services; 503-988-5200.

• JOIN helps homeless people find permanent housing; 503-232-9336.

• Northwest Pilot Project offers services for older people in downtown Portland; 503-227-5605.

• Solutions, a nonprofit corporation formerly known as Consumer Credit Counseling, offers a variety of information on managing and understanding credit; 503-462-2876.

• Transition Projects Inc. provides shelter and services for homeless single adults in downtown Portland; 503-823-4934.

Ñ Cristine Gonzalez

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