The events of 9-11 that delayed the release of this serviceable thriller also may have rendered it the last of its kind in terms of its treatment of terrorism. In that sense, this tale of vengeful firefighter Arnold Schwarzenegger's pursuit of a Colombian terrorist may be worth a bargain ticket. Director Andrew Davis ('The Fugitive,' 'Under Siege') still has his action chops, and there's at least one nifty plot twist and even some surprising (if mild) criticism of American policy. (Pat Holmes)

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Oops, that she did it at all. This powder puff of a movie is the latest installment in Britney Spears' peroxided coming-of-age saga. The overtanned pop tart and two gal pals head west in a convertible after high school graduation. Unfortunately, the scenes with any potential Ñ a catfight, a pole dance and Britney finally 'doing it' Ñ are kept short and way too sweet. (Tina Satter)

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Director Richard Eyre's celebration of the late writer Iris Murdoch has more than a little feel of magic about it. Kate Winslet plays Murdoch as a young student at Oxford, and Judi Dench plays her 40 years later, when she finishes her last book and begins her descent into Alzheimer's. Both give fearless performances in this contemplative film that should not be missed. (Dawn Taylor)

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Directed by Lone Scherfig, this is the latest film to follow the Spartan tenets of the Dogme 95 movement (no music, no artificial sets or effects, natural lighting only). In this case, the Dogme restrictions create an intimacy that grows on you as the film progresses and its ensemble of lonely Copenhagen singles, all of whom take the same Italian language class, try to make connections. Brisk as a Copenhagen winter, warm as Italian sunlight. (PH)

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