Grinding crash scatters cars in Brooklyn neighborhood

by: David F. Ashton With the pickup truck on its side, and the Chevy Corvette shattered almost beyond recognition, it’s hard to believe the occupants weren’t seriously injured in this accident – but police say nobody needed an ambulance ride to a hospital.

The afternoon drive was violently shattered for drivers of three vehicles at the intersection of S.E .Milwaukie Avenue and Holgate Boulevard on Tuesday, August 2nd.

At about 4:15 pm, a 2009 Kia Rio sedan, a 1994 Nissan pickup truck, and a 2001 Chevy Corvette piled up on the southeast corner of that intersection.

Although an ambulance arrived, Portland Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Peter Simpson told THE BEE that there were no traumatic injuries reported, and so no one was transported to a hospital.

Also, evidently because of the difficulty of establishing exactly how the crash happened, 'There are no traffic citations to reference,' Simpson added.