Coffee and sympathy can ease tax day pain


Last-minute taxpayers Ñ and anyone else Ñ in need of a perk-me-up can get a free jolt of java on tax-filing day, Monday, April 15, at the 24-hour Fireside Coffee Lodge, which will open the day at 6 a.m. with a Tax Return Party. 'We want to turn tax day into something to celebrate, not dread,' says owner Tori Lungren, who will have 'runners' on hand to deliver customers' tax returns to the Northwest Hoyt Street post office until 11:15 p.m. A self-described night owl, Lungren is keeping the coffee shop, at 1223 S.E. Powell Blvd., open for other nocturnal types thirsting for coffee in the wee hours. 'There's not a lot out there for night people,' says Lungren, who worked late-night shifts for 15 years, mostly at Great Western Bank's Beaverton branch. Laid off last November, Lungren used bank loans and 'a nice severance package' to open the 1,800-square-foot shop, which sports a cozy log-cabin decor complete with stone fireplace.

Ñ Mary Bellotti